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go commando

to wear trousers with no underpants There isn't time to dress properly - we'll have to go commando.

go commando

and go freeball(ing)
in. [for a male] to go about not wearing underpants. (The same as freeball.) Bobby is always going commando. Even when it’s cold.

go freeballing

See also: freeballing

go commando

To wear clothing without wearing undergarments, especially underpants.
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And while they chatted about the worst people ever on the show, Simon got his own back on Walliams for the whole freeballing revelation.
Klimt wasn't just some boho bougie with a fondness for bathrobes and freeballing, he was also a total lech, and sketched like nine thousand pages of naked ladies (who he also did it with) before he painted his art deco gold flake crap.