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freak of nature

Something or someone that is unusual, rare, or abnormal in some way; beyond or outside the natural world. The goat they have at the circus sideshow is a real freak of nature, it was born with two heads! He can lift over 500 pounds in the gym, he's like some freak of nature.
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control freak

Someone who has an obsessive or compulsive need to control every aspect of a situation and/or the ways in which others act. My father can be such a control freak sometimes, always dictating how I should be living my life. Janice is a real control freak—she wouldn't even let me help her vacuum the carpet!
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fly (one's) freak flag

slang To behave in or embrace an unusual, unconventional, or uninhibited manner or mode of being. My parents are rather conservative, so it's liberating to be in college where I can fly the freak flag without worrying about their reprisals. My favorite music tends to come from artists who aren't afraid to fly their freak flags a bit.
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freak flag

Any unconventional, nonconformist, or uninhibited behavior, convictions, opinions, or lifestyle choices that are unique to an individual. My high school literature teacher taught me to always be true to myself and to wear my freak flag proudly.
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get (one's) freak on

1. To have sexual intercourse or a sexual experience. Primarily heard in US, South Africa. I can always hear my neighbors getting their freak on next door—it's so embarrassing!
2. To dance, especially in a wild, crazy, or uninhibited manner. Primarily heard in US, South Africa. Come on everybody, get out on the dance floor and get your freak on!
3. To party, especially in a wild, crazy, or uninhibited manner. Primarily heard in US, South Africa. I can't wait for your house party this weekend—I really need to get my freak on!
4. To act or behave in a wild, crazy, or uninhibited manner. Primarily heard in US, South Africa. Jeff really got his freak on last night after a few too many beers.
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speed freak

A drug user who abuses or is addicted to an amphetamine, especially methamphetamine (also known as "speed"). This state is a thoroughfare for methamphetamine to the rest of the country, so it's little wonder that there are so many speed freaks here.
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freak out

(at someone or something) Go to freak out (over someone or something).
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freak out

(on something) to lose control of one's mind because of something, usually a drug. She freaked out on the stuff she was smoking. She took some funny little pills and freaked out immediately.
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freak out (over someone or something)

 and freak out (at someone or something)
to become very angry or lose control of one's mind because of someone or something that has happened. I absolutely freaked out over the whole business! Don't freak out at me!
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freak someone out

to shock or disorient someone. The whole business freaked me out. I didn't mean to freak out everybody with the bad news.
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freaked (out)

1. shocked; disoriented. (Sometimes used of the effects of drugs or alcohol.) I was too freaked out to reply. Man, was I freaked.
2. tired out; exhausted. I'm too freaked out to go on without some rest. The chick is really freaked. Let her rest.
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freak out

1. Experience or cause to experience hallucinations, paranoia, or other frightening feelings as a result of taking a mind-altering drug. For example, They were freaking out on LSD or some other drug. [Slang; mid-1960s]
2. Behave or cause to behave irrationally and uncontrollably, with enthusiasm, excitement, fear, or madness. For example, The band's wild playing made the audience freak out, or It was such a close accident, it really freaked me out, or She freaked out and ended up in the psychiatric ward. [Slang; 1960s] Also see flip one's lid; wig out.
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freak out

v. Slang
1. To lose control of one's emotions: I freaked out when I saw my low test score.
2. To cause someone to lose control of his or her emotions: The dentist really freaked me out with that needle. The rock band freaked out the crowd when they started letting audience members onstage.
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eagle freak

n. someone with strong concerns about the environment and conservation, especially the preservation of the eagle. (A play on eco freak.) The eagle freaks oppose building the dam.
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eco freak

and eco nut (ˈiko frik and ˈiko nət)
n. someone with strong concerns about the environment and conservation. (Mildly derogatory. From ecology.) They call me an eco freak, which is okay by me. The eco freaks are protesting the tree trimming.
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freak mommy

n. a good-looking female. Sally is such a freak mommy. My eyes just water!
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freak (out)

1. in. to panic; to lose control. I was so frightened, I thought I would freak.
2. n. a bad drug experience; a psychotic reaction to the drug LSD. (Drugs. Usually freak-out or freakout.) Some of them get turned off to drugs by a really good freakout.
3. n. a wild party of any type; any exciting happening. (Usually freak-out or freakout.) There is a big freak-out at Freddy’s joint tonight.
4. n. a freaked (out) person. (Usually freak-out or freakout.) Some poor freak-out sat in the corner and rocked.
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freak someone out

tv. to shock or disorient someone. The whole business freaked me out.
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freaked (out)

1. mod. shocked; disoriented. (Perhaps from drugs or alcohol.) I was too freaked out to reply.
2. mod. tired out; exhausted. I’m too freaked out to go on without some rest.
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See also: freak


n. someone who is obsessed with copulation. (Taboo. Usually objectionable.) She is a hot little fuck-freak, and she’ll wear out any dude that takes her on.

garbage freak

and garbagehead
n. an addict who will take any drug. (Drugs.) They’re only teenagers and already they’re garbageheads. The garbageheads will take beans or anything else.
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juice freak

n. someone who prefers alcohol to drugs. (Drugs.) Freddy is a juice freak. He won’t touch dolls.
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kick freak

n. a nonaddicted drug user. (Drugs.) Ernie used to be a kick freak, but all that has changed.
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and pill freak
n. a drug user who prefers drugs in pill or capsule form. (Drugs.) The police turned the juvenile “pillheads” over to their parents. You pill freaks should try some of this stuff.

pill freak

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speed freak

and speedhead
n. a drug user who injects methamphetamine; an amphetamine user. (Drugs and general slang.) Speed freaks, not heroin addicts, account for a high proportion of drug-related crime.
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I am a freak of heredity, an atavistic nightmare--call me what you will; but here I am, real and alive, eating three hearty meals a day, and what are you going to do about it?
16, 2015 /PRNewswire/ -- On Friday, October 30, moviegoers across the country will have to take on zombies, vampires, aliens, and more as they get their first chance to see Sony Pictures Entertainment's hilarious horror/comedy Freaks of Nature in a special engagement.
This time the authors set out to help readers retrain their brains and release their inner freaks by learning to think "from a different angle, with a different set of muscles, with a different set of expectations .
who is a "collector of freaks,'' said Bassett, who continued, "(She) will do anything -- and I don't know what 'anything' might be -- to keep this dying cottage industry alive just a little bit longer.
Control freaks tend to publicly admonish their inferiors, especially during meetings.
London, Sept 11 ( ANI ): A new team of fitness freaks have combined clubbing and exercising together, where you can burn calories while going rave.
Dance school teacher Nazene, from Childwall, is one quarter of ClubTown freaks - the unusual act who have got through to the live semi finals of Britain''s Got Talent tomorrow night.
Holleran says, "her affection for freaks makes us feel she's one of us; for if homosexuals aren't freaks in this world, what are they?
An outstanding novel packed with unusual twists and turns, HUBERT'S FREAKS revolves around obsessive antiques dealer and treasure hunter Bob Langmuir, who uncovers unique prints by the legendary Diane Arbus, in the process discovering a new side of not only artist Arbus but the 'weird America' she captured in film.
From a two-headed man to a scaly "alligator" girl and a "frog boy," freaks abound in this lively historical novel.
I found out my brother goes to porn sites, and it freaks me out
Most of the best businesses have people in senior positions who aren't afraid to be labeled control freaks.
Any interested in weather and its changing impact on human lives will find FREAKS OF THE STORM: THE WORLD'S STRANGEST TRUE WEATHER STORIES a compelling presentation.
The book does a nice job of addressing the overuse of antimicrobial drugs; encourages even blatant germ freaks to save their money and not buy antimicrobial soap for everyday use; is loaded with useful tips for reducing your family's vulnerability to sharing bugs of all sorts; provides a quick overview of the transmission, symptoms, and incubation period of some of the most common bugs (influenza virus, norovirus, cold viruses, and E.