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freak out

1. verb, slang To suddenly express anger or excitement in a very visible way. Mom will freak out when she finds out we broke her vase! I totally freaked out when I heard we'd won tickets to the concert.
2. verb, slang To startle or frighten someone. In this usage, a noun or pronoun can be used between "freak" and "out." The sight of that huge needle completely freaked me out.
3. verb, slang To experience jarring and frightening side effects (such as hallucinations) due to drug use. In this usage, a noun or pronoun can be used between "freak" and "out." I swore off drugs because my last trip freaked me out so bad.
4. noun, slang A bad experience while taking some mind-altering drug. In this usage, the phrase is often hyphenated or written as one word. I swore off drugs after my last freak-out.
5. noun, slang A wild party. In this usage, the phrase is often hyphenated or written as one word. Someone in our class always throws a real freak-out at the end of the school year.
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freak someone out

to shock or disorient someone. The whole business freaked me out. I didn't mean to freak out everybody with the bad news.
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freak out (over someone or something)

 and freak out (at someone or something)
to become very angry or lose control of one's mind because of someone or something that has happened. I absolutely freaked out over the whole business! Don't freak out at me!
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freak out

(at someone or something) Go to freak out (over someone or something).
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freak out

(on something) to lose control of one's mind because of something, usually a drug. She freaked out on the stuff she was smoking. She took some funny little pills and freaked out immediately.
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freak out

1. Experience or cause to experience hallucinations, paranoia, or other frightening feelings as a result of taking a mind-altering drug. For example, They were freaking out on LSD or some other drug. [Slang; mid-1960s]
2. Behave or cause to behave irrationally and uncontrollably, with enthusiasm, excitement, fear, or madness. For example, The band's wild playing made the audience freak out, or It was such a close accident, it really freaked me out, or She freaked out and ended up in the psychiatric ward. [Slang; 1960s] Also see flip one's lid; wig out.
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freak out

v. Slang
1. To lose control of one's emotions: I freaked out when I saw my low test score.
2. To cause someone to lose control of his or her emotions: The dentist really freaked me out with that needle. The rock band freaked out the crowd when they started letting audience members onstage.
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freak (out)

1. in. to panic; to lose control. I was so frightened, I thought I would freak.
2. n. a bad drug experience; a psychotic reaction to the drug LSD. (Drugs. Usually freak-out or freakout.) Some of them get turned off to drugs by a really good freakout.
3. n. a wild party of any type; any exciting happening. (Usually freak-out or freakout.) There is a big freak-out at Freddy’s joint tonight.
4. n. a freaked (out) person. (Usually freak-out or freakout.) Some poor freak-out sat in the corner and rocked.
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freaked (out)

1. mod. shocked; disoriented. (Perhaps from drugs or alcohol.) I was too freaked out to reply.
2. mod. tired out; exhausted. I’m too freaked out to go on without some rest.
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Not all 35 songs, which range in style from Sun Records '50s rockabilly to '60s psychedelic freak-outs, made it into the film.
WHY HE ROCKS This boy covers for you on anything, from your outrageous coffee-shop tab to parent freak-outs because you dyed a strip of hair deep purple.
AC: Have there been any unmitigated disasters or big freak-outs, either on or off-camera?
Glam rock at its filthiest, with dirty riffs, big harmonies, blues freak-outs and pop melodies.
So are the behind-scenes exertions, which offer more than a few last-minute crises and freak-outs.
Zawinul's Syndicate band repeatedly geared up their great pulsing engine, revealing the secret weapons of Puerto Rican percussion freak-outs and Indian high-vaulted vocalising (coupled with heavy rock guitar), fronted by spirited singer Sabine Kabongo, who was capable of descending down into some impressively sombre growl-regions.
Because Spiritualized have gone rock, new album Amazing Grace contains bluesy freak-outs and it's all down to the influence of bands like The White Stripes.
So, sit down, and turn it up loud, for a mind-trip of emotion and mood, recalling everything from "upper" dance freak-outs, to "downer" Floyd-esque anthems.
THE Edinburgh six-piece used to do Zappa-style instrumental freak-outs but, while they've still got the funk, they now sing and the whole sound of the band has gone up a notch.
Blunderbuss is a hyperactive journey taking in rock, blues, country, soul and rock 'n' roll and jumping from psychedelic freak-outs to grandiose piano statements, quirky rhyming to momentary reflection.
There are no sprawling epics or guitar freak-outs, just a cohesive batch of catchy songs.
But his freak-outs and fallibility are more real and honest than the bland, blas, bull***t-babbling zombie kings and queens of Hollywood, who lecture us about saving the rainforest, or explain that driving their kids to school is more enriching than a night out on the tiles.
Bohemian Monsters" presents the new downtown: a creaking ruin, now fractured into a series of isolated freak-outs and cooped-up crisis couples, trapped in airless art studios and overpriced apartments that resemble B-horror sets.
In a nutshell: One of the Czech surrealist's better recent freak-outs, about alarming goings-on in an isolated asylum.
With a history rooted in music hall rather than shamanic freak-outs, it didn't hold the same potential as York Minster.