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above the fray

Uninvolved in an argument or debate. Kristen always tried to stay above the fray whenever there was a disagreement at work. It's difficult to stay above the fray when dealing with hostile family members.
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enter the lists

Fig. to begin to take part in a contest or argument. He had decided not to stand for Parliament, but entered the lists at the last minute. The family disagreement had almost been resolved when the grandfather entered the lists.
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join the fray

 and jump into the fray; enter the fray
Fig. to join the fight or argument. After listening to the argument, Mary decided to jump into the fray. Tom joined the fray and immediately got knocked down.
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above the fray

not involved in a particular argument The president will try to stay above the political fray.
Usage notes: often used with stay, keep, or remain: He's remarkably good at remaining above the fray at the office.
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enter the fray

also join the fray
to become involved in a very competitive situation Cable TV companies have entered the fray, using their high-speed lines to provide Internet access.
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enter/join the fray

to become involved in an argument or a fight Members of the royal family rarely enter the political fray.
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fray around/at the edges

to start to become less effective or successful This songwriting partnership began to fray at the edges after both partners got married.
See also: around, edge, fray

tempers fray

  also tempers become frayed
if tempers fray among a group of people, they all become angry Tempers frayed when, after waiting for hours, we were told there were no tickets left.
See also: fray, temper

enter the lists

Also, enter the fray. Engage in a fight or competition, as in He said he'd be willing to enter the lists well before the primaries, or Whenever people disagreed, she was eager to enter the fray. The first term uses the noun lists in the sense of "a barrier around the arena enclosing medieval jousting tournaments" and was being used figuratively by the late 1500s. The variant uses fray in the sense of "a noisy skirmish or battle," a usage from the late 1300s.
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Delaminated areas must still be connected to the material and must not be defined as fraying.
Fraying and delamination can be the cause of each other and therefore can often be observed together in a single area although the two also can appear independently.
To measure the fraying of drilled or milled geometries, an optical microscope is required.
In Table 1 the assessment pattern is shown for the fraying of FRP.
Thin layers cause inadequate bonding and can result in curling or fraying of the TPE layer at the tapered edges (see Fig.
Both approaches reduce feathering, neutralize curling, and eliminate tear points that might initiate fraying.
Galliano even pieced together sashes of fraying chiffon with zippers to be attached to other items in his collection ``so you can create your own look.