fraternize with

fraternize with someone or something

to associate with someone or a group; to consort with someone or a group. They were instructed not to fraternize with the opposing team before the game. Don't fraternize with Lefty "Fingers" Moran.
References in classic literature ?
Is one friend forbidden to visit another, or a Musketeer of my company to fraternize with a Guard of Dessessart's company?
Fashion understands itself; good-breeding and personal superiority of whatever country readily fraternize with those of every other.
When officials learned in early May that the cast members from the show would be filmed in an apartment building where some of its students live, they immediately sent an email warning students not to fraternize with the cast or crew.
Douglas, aged 89, said: "We didn't fraternize with each other while at school.
Reporters are not supposed to fraternize with their subjects like this.
The head of the geology department at a Western engineering college was a brisk, business-like scientist who felt he was there to teach, not to fraternize with the students.
You can't fraternize with students outside of work.
JOE LINSALATA, former major league umpire: "The only rule I could never understand was that umpires couldn't fraternize with ballplayers.
What mediocrity, though: to fraternize with a murderer as if all the man had done was to get caught in a moment of madness at a K-Mart with a package of $3.
She wasn't supposed to fraternize with the men, but Blankenship persistently asked her out and finally she said yes.