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(speaking) (quite) frankly

 and frankly speaking
a transitional phrase announcing that the speaker is going to talk in a more familiar and totally forthright manner. Tom: Speaking quite frankly, I'm not certain she's the one for the job. Mary: l agree. Bob: We ought to be looking at housing in a lower price bracket. Bill: Quite frankly, lagree. "Frankly speaking," said John, "I think you're out of your mind!"
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Frankly speaking, women are using this to dominate their husbands as they know in case of divorce, even if filed by them, the man has to bear the cost of their living expenses.
If you ask me whether we will be able to give a performance like this again, then frankly speaking, I am not sure about it.
Frankly speaking, we distrust Geneva negotiators who continue to deploy ISIL against us but, as we repelled them from Lebanon, we shall do the same in Syria inshallah, Raad concluded.
This year, the featured topic will be a presentation of Cancer Support Community's Frankly Speaking about Cancer: Your Immune System and Cancer Treatment.
Our goal is to expedite this work, as there are certain agencies that, frankly speaking, linger with implementation of the decentralization reform", said Hennadii Zubko.
Frankly speaking, I agree that a woman who has greater emotional connection to Facebook is more likely to compare her body to her friends' bodies and to engage in more risky dieting.
Frankly speaking, their explanations weren't convincing," he went on to say.
Frankly speaking, after braving his 90-minute theatrics at his "launching ceremony" in Karachi, I felt disappointed beyond expression.
But then to have powers over an area over which there is no consensus is, frankly speaking, quite dangerous.
Frankly speaking, Carmichael's job yesterday was to defend the indefensible.
Frankly speaking, I think she will find it hard to restrain herself, and talk of a Haughey-like rot at the heart of Fine Gael won't have endeared her to some of the more sensitive Blue Shirts.
For several years Mr Harding wrote a weekly column Frankly Speaking for the Gazette.
News from the Agency Standard & Poor's, frankly speaking, nothing new market is not presented, because the threat reduce the rating of Russia right up to three stops in case of a decrease in oil prices to the level of $60 per barrel, in fact, is not something unusual.
Francisco Perez-Lozao, senior vice president of new businesses at Amadeus, said: "Jeff is quite simply a fantastic appointment for Amadeus and frankly speaking, his record speaks entirely for itself.
Frankly speaking we all felt that we didn't bat the way we should have in the first innings.