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(speaking) (quite) frankly

 and frankly speaking
a transitional phrase announcing that the speaker is going to talk in a more familiar and totally forthright manner. Tom: Speaking quite frankly, I'm not certain she's the one for the job. Mary: l agree. Bob: We ought to be looking at housing in a lower price bracket. Bill: Quite frankly, lagree. "Frankly speaking," said John, "I think you're out of your mind!"
References in classic literature ?
And they enslaved you over again - but not frankly, as the true, noble men would do with weight of their own right arms, but secretly, by spidery machinations and by wheedling and cajolery and lies.
We sat down together by the bright fireside in his little library (Benjamin, as far as his means would allow, was a great collector of books), and there I told my old friend, frankly and truly, all that I have told here.
Still, not quite so frankly or so freely; or, be it said once again, not quite so carelessly perhaps.
Individuals may obtain more information about this free program and a copy of the Frankly Speaking About Lung Cancer guidebook through The Wellness Community's website at http://www.
Poitier is frankly rendered as a human being will strengths, frailties and insecurities.
We all know what a pain and, frankly, how embarrassing; it is to be caught out in polite society without a vessel in which to store your memory, so now you have a choice.
The father means well, but he frankly is out of touch with his children and how much older they are, especially his son, who now is a young man after all and not the young teenager the father left behind in Haiti so many years ago.
United States of Europe frankly is not on, we won't accept that.
But the smaller guys--well, frankly I don't know what the future holds.
Frankly, I think the American government does too little to protect the young.
The freshness of the production, the eloquence of the dancing, and the very different interpretations of the title role were a welcome surprise; I quite frankly dreaded the thought of sitting through, again, a ballet that seemed to have lost both its relevance and its dramatic impact.
But viewers of this twenty-two-year survey may still be unprepared for Pierre et Gilles's seductively gaudy, frankly homoerotic utopia, where saints, sailors, and movie stars inhabit the same candy-colored never-never land.
Maybe Microsoft needs to be a bit more careful because they are larger, but frankly I don't think you should penalize a company for being successful in its field.
Many spoke frankly about the ethical dilemmas they faced.
In 1988, we undertook our first redevelopment, which was a condominium, and since then we've been involved in about 12 different REO redevelopments or straight, traditional REO asset management, which is, frankly, our lifeblood today.