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By comparison it makes February look like the foxiest, party- going chick on the calendar and the rest of the year seem fabulous.
On Saturdays check out Geoff M at Babushka, Iain Santos Thomson at Revolution and Boner at the Room which also has the foxiest barmaids in town.
JUST when you thought the Devil was a scary bloke with a red face and pointy little horns along comes silver-tongued Elizabeth Hurley in her foxiest outfits since That Dress.
He was named by Details magazine as one of the foxiest men on TV.
Summer Glau ("Terminator: The Sarah Conner Chronicles") FOXIEST PRESIDENTIAL GROUPIE Obama Girl vs.
The strangest thing is that it worked - Cheating Charlie is now sleeping with two of Weatherfield's foxiest females, Tracy and Maria.
Pop guru Nicki Chapman has spent the best part of her career working alongside some of the pop scene's foxiest babes, including Kylie, the Spice Girls, the S-Club girls and Charlotte Church.