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THE lucky discovery of fourleaf and even five-leaf clovers in the sub-arctic could prove valuable to future plant breeding research.
A supporters' meeting area in the shape of a fourleaf clover edged with cobbles is also part of the project.
In fact, it's hard to imagine a more Italian- sounding name, even if it does just mean "green fourleaf clover".
In fact, it's hard to imagine a more Italiansounding name, even if it does just mean "green fourleaf clover".
Once at the fourleaf stage, they can be put in their final position.
Asda's egg expert Hannah Naseem said: "This triple yolker is the egg equivalent of a fourleaf clover.
His wife of 20 years thinks it's too early, but Lee Moffett arrives at the couple's salad bar in Centennial by 7:30 each morning to grill and prepare the fresh steak, chicken, shrimp and tofu offered by Fourleaf Chopped Salads.
The impetus for Fourleaf came from Monika's brother in New York who called and told them about a deli near his home with a small salad station where you could pick your own ingredients for your salad.
There were notable performances by young hurdler Stradeen Ouzo, who reappears tomorrow night in the first round of the Grand National at Wimbledon; Champion Stakes winner Denmarknick, returning from a month off; and Patsy Cu-sack's Flame Of Hope, who came from an impossible position to win over 400 metres - I'm sure his collar had fourleaf clover on it.
I HAVE never seen a fourleaf clover, my toast always lands butter side down and black cats look at me with disdain while refusing to cross my path.
Before the game the groundsman handed me a fourleaf clover and it proved a lucky charm.
Chaparral's Javelin RAID products are also available through Arrow Consan, Bell Microproducts-Rourke, Eurologic, Hammer, Ideal, Fourleaf Technologies and other reseller partners worldwide.
In fact it's hard to imagine a more Italian sounding name - even if it does just mean "green fourleaf clover" .
When he found the fourleaf clover he put it in his yardage book and we are keeping it there for the last two rounds.