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and nut factory and nut-foundry and nuthatch
n. an insane asylum. The teacher spent three years in the nuthouse. When did you get out of the nut factory?


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This partnership led to the development of GMBOND[R], which Hormel holds an exclusive, worldwide license to sell to the foundry industry.
First and probably most important, a foundry must have an efficient mixing/mulling operation.
The new DT Measure Foundry Software Developer's Kit (SDK) is an open software interface specification that allows a user to develop connections to any vendor's data sources for greater flexibility and investment protection.
Examples for this foundry might include entering other (non-automotive) custom markets, expanding its service expertise to offer "finishing work" for other foundries or even forward integration into sub-assembly.
Foundry Networks, JetCore, IronCore, JetScope, BigIron, and the 'Iron' family of marks, are trademarks or registered trademarks of Foundry Networks, Inc.
We have a gear shop customer that orders a small lot (1000 castings/year) of ductile iron castings through a broker from a Chinese foundry.
Perhaps younger foundry people will be able to either come up with better reasons or better "fixes" for the known reasons why it hasn't happened.
Sonic Foundry provides the access and support to create advanced customer-specific applications, in this case much-needed rich media applications," said Dr.
Investing and expanding is an excellent idea, but it's a lot more tenuous for foundry managers when done during a downcycle.
Note to Editors: Foundry Networks, FastIron, NetIron, JetCore and the `Iron' family of marks are trademarks or registered trademarks of Foundry Networks, Inc.
1995--Became only the third independent foundry in North America to pour aluminum via vertically parted green sand casting, and achieved Tier I supplier status with General Motors for a water outlet in 1998.
Our standards-based 10-Gigabit Ethernet products offer a very powerful and compelling solution for the construction of next-generation, high-performance networking infrastructures," said Bobby Johnson, president and CEO of Foundry Networks.
As with any capital equipment purchase, many questions arise and specifications must be considered to ensure a good fit between the foundry operation and the new reclamation system.
After extensive evaluation of various vendors, we chose Foundry as our vendor of choice for their long-haul Gigabit Ethernet optics and high performance NetIron Internet router product line," continued Khoury.