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and nut factory and nut-foundry and nuthatch
n. an insane asylum. The teacher spent three years in the nuthouse. When did you get out of the nut factory?


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After correlating the test plates with simulated results, the researchers were able to develop new feeding distance rules that allowed foundries to design fewer risers, which improved yield.
Most foundries have a shakeout unit for removing the castings from the molds, but these units do not effectively reduce the lumps from sand molds to a usable size.
It builds upon the relationships COMPASS currently has with leading foundries that, when combined, represent over two-thirds of the worldwide 0.
Foundry data: Three Teksid Aluminum Foundries, two in Sylacauga, Alabama and one in Dickson, Tennessee use the Hot-Rec systems.
The Passport Foundry Program builds upon the relationships COMPASS currently has with leading foundries and moves the technology partnerships to a new level.
For example, Wisconsin foundries are limited to emitting 300 lb of benzene per year.
In a presentation titled "Myths, Truths & Perceptions About Chinese Foundries," John Hemmingsen and Percy Chang discussed the joint-venture arrangement between their Chinese foundry, Shanxi Changfeng Wear Parts, and Portland, Oregon-based Esco, Ltd.
The time for foundries to catch the eyes of customers is now.
This article examines the results of an AFS Permanent Mold Practices Committee (2-E) survey to determine the most common coating removal methods used by aluminum permanent mold foundries in the U.
According to Hall, the practice of price wars in job bidding also conjures up the false idea that castings can be judged strictly on price and all foundries can produce all castings.
For many foundries, this financial situation and published outlook for malleable iron applications would be the proverbial "writing on the wall.
It's very useful for foundries and their managers to consider strategy in terms of flexibility and efficiency.
However, while foundries on average may consume smaller amounts of material, taken together these businesses make up a significant portion of the market for scrap metal.
By this I mean that most foundries today still sell, and still structure their sales efforts, as if ours was not a mature industry.