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and nut factory and nut-foundry and nuthatch
n. an insane asylum. The teacher spent three years in the nuthouse. When did you get out of the nut factory?


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Despite presently being sheltered from significant competition in light of the smaller size of the shipments, foundries that have been able to carve out a niche are still aware that it is only a matter of time before greater attention is turned toward many of these smaller markets.
Jim Simonelli, managing director for the California Cast Metal Association (CCMA), an El Dorado Hills-based association of California nonferrous foundries, says that the number of foundries in California has also declined sharply over the past few decades.
Optimization of the Procedures and the Technical Availability in Foundries by Means of Innovative Information Management Systems (IIMS), R.
Certain foundries that have engineering design limitations (mixing/mulling, molding equipment, etc.
Atiq Raza, Chairman and Chief Executive Officer of Raza Foundries and Chairman of Pacific Broadband Communications.
Examples for this foundry might include entering other (non-automotive) custom markets, expanding its service expertise to offer "finishing work" for other foundries or even forward integration into sub-assembly.
Since the company was established in October 1999, Raza Foundries has invested in 14 Partner Companies, including YuniNetworks, which was acquired earlier this year by AMCC.
foundries are having their casting prices undercut by up to 50% by low-cost foreign competition.
Raza Foundries builds and operates leading-edge broadband networking and communications partner companies to advance the Internet infrastructure.
Starting with the Jack Welch decree of the '80s to force foundries (suppliers) to lower their prices by 5% and the ensuing demands of a 3% annual price reduction, domestic foundry suppliers have been squeezed dry.
The group recently announced a plan to consolidate operations by merging its Taiwan-based foundries with parent company UMC.
The current decision to merge the 5 Taiwan-based UMC Group foundries into one flagship company, UMC, was carried out within a similarly condensed period.
In fact, the company considered joining the permanent mold realm, "but it didn't make sense to enter a market in which there were a lot of foundries with a lot of experience," said Joe Robinson.