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shake the foundations of something

to cause a person or organization to question the truth of something it strongly believed For a time his grief over his son's death shook the foundations of his religious faith.
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rock/shake something to its foundations

  also rock/shake the foundations of something
to damage or change an organization or a person's beliefs very much Allegations of scandal and abuse have rocked the party to its foundations. The ideas seemed to make sense, but shook the foundations of her own Christian beliefs.
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Arming students with foundational skills gives employers a positive indication that the student has what it takes to succeed on the job, while giving those students a strong foundation for successful careers.
Cooper and Browning suggest another way to resolve the problems of foundational truth that inevitably shut down dialog and devalue religious truth: The truth claims of both religion and psychology can be viewed as different perspectives that "begin in 'faith.
In the Gettysburg Address, for instance, Abraham Lincoln clearly works the foundational documents of the American Revolution into a mythical national origin: "Four score and seven years ago our fathers brought forth on this continent, a new nation, conceived in liberty, and dedicated to the proposition that all men are created equal" (284).
Too often, operators use expensive yellow page and newspaper ads prior to implementing the lower-cost but foundational aspects of marketing, such as solid customer service, sales, and community outreach.
If there are no sure-fire foundational or philosophical justifications for the humanist agenda, then it seems as if the prospects for its implementation might be bleak.
Unwired Planet is solely focused on a multi-pronged Intellectual Property (IP) strategy that includes licensing and, if necessary, enforcement to protect its patent portfolio of approximately 200 issued US and foreign patents, and approximately 75 pending applications, many of which are considered foundational to mobile communications.
The goal of Reading WonderWorks is to close the achievement gap among students, help struggling students develop foundational reading and writing skills in a self-paced and flexible environment starting as early as kindergarten, and accelerate them so that they can read on grade level and graduate with the confidence they need to succeed in college and beyond.
of California, Santa Barbara) presents this study examining the concept of foundational texts in world literature.
Studio Reading focuses on the four foundational literacy skills of listening, speaking, reading and writing while Studio Math targets the four foundational skill areas of number sense, meanings of operations, fact fluency and problem-solving.
Vladmimir's Orthodox Theological Seminary from 1956 to 1973) is the re-release of a classic voice of foundational wisdom for Christian parents and educators, updated with a new foreword and study guide by Ann Mitsakos Bezzerides.
Starting with the second structural component, the basic premises or the foundational principles, is it important to bring Islam's epistemological resources to bear on this component?
A] divine ordination is not a limiting instance, but a foundational one.
Here he presses for a new "common foundational theology" to support his claim for an officially recognized "lay ecclesial ministry" in the Church.
Hasn't the church consistently encouraged Catholics to recognize a hierarchy of truths, challenging us to differentiate between foundational gospel values like service among the poor from a less important teaching like the existence of limbo?
Since Atanasijevic's foundational monograph on Giordano Bruno's geometry, Bruno's mathematical works have been relatively unexplored, with the exception of Mulsow's commentary to the German translation of De monade and the papers by Aquilecchia, Otto and Heuser-Kessler (published in Die Frankfurter Schriften Giordano Bruno's und ibre Voraussetzungen, ed.
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