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1500, and perhaps a great deal more, and that the captain said so; and if the captain was asked at any time about me, he made no scruple to affirm it, though he knew not one word of the matter, other than that his wife had told him so; and in this he thought no harm, for he really believed it to be so, because he had it from his wife: so slender a foundation will those fellows build upon, if they do but think there is a fortune in the game.
This was my man; but I was to try him to the bottom, and indeed in that consisted my safety; for if he baulked, I knew I was undone, as surely as he was undone if he took me; and if I did not make some scruple about his fortune, it was the way to lead him to raise some about mine; and first, therefore, I pretended on all occasions to doubt his sincerity, and told him, perhaps he only courted me for my fortune.
I took the freedom one day, after we had talked pretty close to the subject, to tell him that it was true I had received the compliment of a lover from him, namely, that he would take me without inquiring into my fortune, and I would make him a suitable return in this, viz.
Mademoiselle Danglars' fortune will be great, no doubt, especially it the telegraph should not make any more mistakes.
Oh, I do not mean her fortune only; but tell me" --
and Canoga Park-based Good Fortunes will make their debuts on QVC as a result of being two of the state's 20 winners in the shopping network's The '97 Quest for America's Best - QVC's 50 in 50 Tour earlier this year.
Good Fortunes, a subsidiary of The Wish List, will pitch its gigantic fortune cookie, a 6-inch-wide decorated dessert for all occasions.
The fortune cookie business came about as a fluke more or less, Good Fortunes co-owner Karen Belasco said.
and Canoga Park-based Good Fortunes, will sell their products on this QVC special.
2--Color) Good Fortunes makes giant fortune cookies, left, that dwarf the conventional variety.
Canine audiences will be barking for joy as new Snausages Fortune Snookies take center stage with wisecracking fortunes and sayings that are printed directly on each of the treats.
Dogs go crazy for the great taste of Snausages and we're thrilled to introduce new Snausages Fortune Snookies -- these treats take snacking to the next level with fortunes and sayings printed right on the dog treat.
Fortune Snookies are the first dog snack to utilize edible ink printing technology.
New Snausages Fortune Snookies and Pup-Peroni Ribs continue to build on Del Monte Pet Products' robust line-up of pet snacks that offer more human-like qualities, including these Italian favorites.