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fork out the dough

To pay, generally unwillingly, a certain amount of money. If you want the most cutting edge technology, you'd better be prepared to fork out the dough for it. Listen, fork out the dough or you'll never see your husband again!
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fork over the dough

To pay, generally unwillingly, a certain amount of money. If you want the most cutting edge technology, you'd better be prepared to fork over the dough for it. Listen, fork over the dough or you'll never see your husband again!
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stick a fork in (me/it/something)

A phrase used to indicate that one or something is finished, complete, or no longer able to continue. Alludes to the practice of testing how thoroughly a piece of meat is cooked by piercing it with a fork. Barbara: "Johnny, would you like any more of this cake?" Johnny: "No thank you, Barb. You can stick a fork in me, I'm done!" I'd say we just need one more week on the project, and then you'll be able to stick a fork in it!
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fork the fingers

To give a rude gesture with one's hand. This phrase is rarely heard today. I told you, it was an honest mistake, so don't fork the fingers at me!
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play a good knife and fork

To eat vigorously. My, you're playing a good knife and fork tonight—you must be hungry!
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fork over

To physically give someone something, often reluctantly. A noun or pronoun can be used between "fork" and "over." If you want the most cutting edge technology, you'd better be prepared to fork over the dough for it.
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Fingers were made before forks.

Prov. It is all right to eat with one's fingers because people had to eat somehow before there were forks. (Used to justify eating something with your fingers.) Mother: Put that chicken wing back on your plate and eat it properly, with a knife and fork. Child: But Mom, fingers were made before forks. I don't see why it's considered bad manners to eat with your fingers. Fingers were made before forks.
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fork some money out (for something)

Fig. to pay (perhaps unwillingly) for something. (Often mention is made of the amount of money. See the examples.) Do you think I'm going to fork twenty dollars out for that book? Forking out lots of money for taxes is part of life.
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fork something out

 (to someone)
1. Inf. Lit. to serve food to someone, using a fork. He forked out the chicken to everyone. He brought up a big dish of fried chicken and forked it out.
2. Fig. to give out something to someone. We forked the coupons out to everyone who asked for them. We forked out the coupons.
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fork something over (to someone)

Inf. to give something to someone. (Usually refers to money.) Come on! Fork the money over to me! Fork over the cash you owe me!
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fork over

Also, fork out or up . Hand over, pay up. For example, It's time you forked over what you owe, or He forked out a hundred for that meal, or Fork up or we'll sue. [Slang; early 1800s]
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Morton's fork

a situation in which there are two choices or alternatives whose consequences are equally unpleasant.
John Morton ( c .1420–1500 ) was Archbishop of Canterbury and chief minister of Henry VII . Morton's fork was the argument used by him to extract contributions to the royal treasury: the obviously rich must have money and the frugal must have savings, so neither could evade his demands.
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fork out

1. To distribute or supply something, especially money: The government forks out millions of dollars to maintain the royal palace. The town finally forked the cash out for a new high school.
2. To split or diverge; fork: The river forks out in numerous places in the delta.
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fork over

or fork up
To give or transfer something, especially in a reluctant, unenthusiastic, or automatic way: I thought the rug was overpriced, but I forked the cash over. We forked over our admission tickets to the usher and walked into the theater.
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fork something over

tv. to hand something over (to someone). Okay, fork over the dough and be quick about it!
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Fork you!

exclam. Fuck you! (A partial disguise. Rude and derogatory.) Fork you, you stupid twit!
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My friend opted for the lumpia sayur, crispy vegetarian spring rolls with sweet chilli sauce which was not too greasy and enough to give me a forkful to taste.
He believes this multidimensional quality lends each dish a depth that astounds with every bite, each forkful revealing yet another facet,'' Doumani said.
That being said it was well received and having stolen a forkful I can report the sauce was absolutely delicious, a really robust, comforting, creamy concoction.
Lynn's chicken tikka starter also got the thumbs up, though a forkful of fish convinced her that my selection was the winner.
She didn't want it to end and, when I pinched a forkful, I could see why.
Yeah, it's me diet," he explains, stirring the plastic pot and slurping down a forkful.
As Meadows tucked in, Carlyle, who stars in the film with Ricky Tomlinson and Kathy Burke, helped himself to a forkful.
Of course, if Gregg starts feeling the pinch, he could always try finishing off the three course meals the amateur chefs have cooked for him, instead of just sampling one forkful - but what about the average consumer?
It's not so much a problem with flavour, but mouth-feel as anyone who's swallowed a sip of wine and a forkful of egg will testify.
So much so that even my wife - tucking worthily into a starter of mixed salad that she said was varied, fresh and excellent - was tempted to sample a forkful that she grudgingly admitted was good.
In an Abergorki restaurant, fifteen minutes away now, Jacky's father scooped a forkful of pink flesh from his trout, and then stabbed the silver prongs into an al dente floret of broccoli.
I also add a good forkful or so into the planting hole when I plant a tree or shrub.
There was no way Dad was getting a forkful of this rich, individual portion with plenty of meat and lashings of Cheddar topping, nor the fruit wedges and ice cream he tucked away afterwards (pounds 1.
The thick-fleshed denizen provides forkful after forkful of moist, flavorful fish.
The dish was sweet and juicy due to the well-cooked chunks of fresh vegetable in it and was lovely to lean over and nick a forkful, though my dining partner may not agree