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fork out the dough

To pay, generally unwillingly, a certain amount of money. If you want the most cutting edge technology, you'd better be prepared to fork out the dough for it. Listen, fork out the dough or you'll never see your husband again!
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fork over the dough

To pay, generally unwillingly, a certain amount of money. If you want the most cutting edge technology, you'd better be prepared to fork over the dough for it. Listen, fork over the dough or you'll never see your husband again!
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stick a fork in (me/it/something)

A phrase used to indicate that one or something is finished, complete, or no longer able to continue. Alludes to the practice of testing how thoroughly a piece of meat is cooked by piercing it with a fork. Barbara: "Johnny, would you like any more of this cake?" Johnny: "No thank you, Barb. You can stick a fork in me, I'm done!" I'd say we just need one more week on the project, and then you'll be able to stick a fork in it!
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fork the fingers

To give a rude gesture with one's hand. This phrase is rarely heard today. I told you, it was an honest mistake, so don't fork the fingers at me!
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play a good knife and fork

To eat vigorously. My, you're playing a good knife and fork tonight—you must be hungry!
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fork over

To physically give someone something, often reluctantly. A noun or pronoun can be used between "fork" and "over." If you want the most cutting edge technology, you'd better be prepared to fork over the dough for it.
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Fingers were made before forks.

Prov. It is all right to eat with one's fingers because people had to eat somehow before there were forks. (Used to justify eating something with your fingers.) Mother: Put that chicken wing back on your plate and eat it properly, with a knife and fork. Child: But Mom, fingers were made before forks. I don't see why it's considered bad manners to eat with your fingers. Fingers were made before forks.
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fork some money out (for something)

Fig. to pay (perhaps unwillingly) for something. (Often mention is made of the amount of money. See the examples.) Do you think I'm going to fork twenty dollars out for that book? Forking out lots of money for taxes is part of life.
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fork something out

 (to someone)
1. Inf. Lit. to serve food to someone, using a fork. He forked out the chicken to everyone. He brought up a big dish of fried chicken and forked it out.
2. Fig. to give out something to someone. We forked the coupons out to everyone who asked for them. We forked out the coupons.
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fork something over (to someone)

Inf. to give something to someone. (Usually refers to money.) Come on! Fork the money over to me! Fork over the cash you owe me!
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fork over

Also, fork out or up . Hand over, pay up. For example, It's time you forked over what you owe, or He forked out a hundred for that meal, or Fork up or we'll sue. [Slang; early 1800s]
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Morton's fork

a situation in which there are two choices or alternatives whose consequences are equally unpleasant.
John Morton ( c .1420–1500 ) was Archbishop of Canterbury and chief minister of Henry VII . Morton's fork was the argument used by him to extract contributions to the royal treasury: the obviously rich must have money and the frugal must have savings, so neither could evade his demands.
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fork out

1. To distribute or supply something, especially money: The government forks out millions of dollars to maintain the royal palace. The town finally forked the cash out for a new high school.
2. To split or diverge; fork: The river forks out in numerous places in the delta.
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fork over

or fork up
To give or transfer something, especially in a reluctant, unenthusiastic, or automatic way: I thought the rug was overpriced, but I forked the cash over. We forked over our admission tickets to the usher and walked into the theater.
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fork something over

tv. to hand something over (to someone). Okay, fork over the dough and be quick about it!
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Fork you!

exclam. Fuck you! (A partial disguise. Rude and derogatory.) Fork you, you stupid twit!
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Forker stunned the Ports when he fired Colin Malone's side in front after twelve minutes.
But whether it is a quilt or just quilt-looking, Forker said American Pacific wants to cover the spectrum with romantic, casual, traditional and contemporary designs.
Forker also was directly involved with customer IT as VP of network management for Citibank's credit card division.
Forker said American Pacific, in conjunction with Dockers, developed the national ad.
Prior to joining Integrien, Forker was the senior vice president of worldwide sales at SMARTS, now part of EMC, where he drove revenue growth from $15 million to $71 million in just three years, achieving 16 profitable quarters.
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There is not the price resistance and the promotional activity surrounding quilts that we saw in the '90s when the market started to bottom out," said Kaela Forker, vice president of sales for American Pacific.
Forker, 86, a former chairman and CEO of Quaker State, who resigned after having served on the Quaker State Board since 1953.
The LPGA is experiencing tremendous growth and success, and the organization is very pleased to have unanimously identified a proven, dynamic leader who will continue to build on this unparalleled momentum, as well as create new and prosperous opportunities for the LPGA," said Rae Forker Evans, chairwoman of the LPGA Board of Directors and co-chair of the commissioner search committee.
Since January 2007 the prices of raw materials used in the production of inks and varnishes have climbed by up to 30 percent worldwide, and costs for crude oil and natural gas have more than doubled," stated CEO Herbert Forker.
After Ards had dominated the opening 20 minutes Conor Forker hit the Swift's opening goal with a mis-hit effort in the 27th minute.
Swifts looked a lot sharper in the second half, but all they had to show for the ceaseless efforts was a goal in the 58th minute from Conor Forker.
Kaela Forker, vice president of sales of American Pacific, said three groupings will be launched at the textiles market in March 2003.
Forker has submitted his resignation as a director of Quaker State Corporation (NYSE: KSF), effective at the close of business on Jan.