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have a forked tongue

To make empty or false promises; to speak duplicitously or beguilingly. Likened to having the tongue of a serpent, a traditional symbol of deceit and dishonesty. That's the last time I lend Brian any money, that guy has a forked tongue! He learned quickly that having a forked tongue was an effective way of getting ahead in business.
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fork the fingers

To give a rude gesture with one's hand. This phrase is rarely heard today. I told you, it was an honest mistake, so don't fork the fingers at me!
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forked tongue

A trait of someone who speaks in a dishonest or deceitful manner. Often used in the phrase "speak with (a) forked tongue." I wouldn't trust a thing Caitlin says, she's always speaking with a forked tongue.
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speak with a forked tongue

Fig. to tell lies; to try to deceive someone. Jean's mother sounds very charming, but she speaks with a forked tongue. People tend to believe Fred because he seems plausible, but we know he speaks with a forked tongue.
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speak with (a) forked tongue

to make false promises or to speak in a way which is not honest The minister is speaking with a forked tongue, promising support he will never deliver.
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References in classic literature ?
With a shriek she sprang in and touched a tall warrior with her forked wand.
Of course the forked lightning seemed to pass through him when he first approached her, and he remained conscious throughout the interview of hiding uneasiness; but, good as he was, it must be owned that his uneasiness was less than it would have been if he had thought his rival a brilliant and desirable match.
And then about him coiled the great, slimy folds of a hideous monster of that prehistoric deep--a mighty serpent of the sea, with fanged jaws, and darting forked tongue, with bulging eyes, and bony protuberances upon head and snout that formed short, stout horns.
As the flames ate their way into the living-room, reaching out forked tongues to lick up the bodies of the dead, one of that gruesome company whose bloody welterings had long since been stilled, moved again.
with their forked tongues, their beady eyes and glittering scales, their hissing and their rattling--did I not already know them far too well on that day of my first circus when I saw the snake-charmer lift them up?
They came, equipped with formulas, nooses, and forked iron bars.
This long consumer, who had probably never done an honest day's-work in his life, sprung the lid of a Chinese tobacco-box and with thumb and forefinger forked out a wad like a small haycock.