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an elephant never forgets

One remembers everything. A play on the idea that elephants have great memories. I don't think we can pick up where we were before you betrayed me because an elephant never forgets! I would be hesitant to cross him—he's a dangerous man, and an elephant never forgets.
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Forget (about) it!

1. Inf. Drop the subject!; Never mind!; Don't bother me with it. Jane: Then, there's this matter of the unpaid bills. Bill: Forget it! You'll have to pay them all! Sally: What's this I hear about you and Tom? Sue: Forget about it! I don't want to talk to you about it.
2. Inf. Nothing. Sue: What did you say? Mary: Forget it! Tom: Now I'm ready to go. Sue: Excuse me? Tom: Oh, nothing. Just forget it.
3. Inf. You're welcome.; It was nothing. John: Thank you so much for helping me! Bill: Oh, forget it!' Bob: We're all very grateful to you for coming into work today on your day off. Mary: Forget about it! No problem!
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forget about someone or something

1. to put someone or something out of one's mind. Don't forget about me! You ought to forget about all that.
2. to fail to remember something at the appropriate time. She forgot about paying the electric bill until the lights were turned off. She forgot about the children and they were left standing on the corner.
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forget one's manners

to do something ill-mannered. Jimmy! Have we forgotten our manners?
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forget oneself

to forget one's manners or training. (Said in formal situations in reference to belching, bad table manners, and, in the case of very young children, pants-wetting.) Sorry, Mother, I forgot myself. John, we are going out to dinner tonight. Please don't forget yourself.
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Forget you!

Sl. Drop dead!; Beat it! Oh, yeah! Forget you! Forget you! Get a life!
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Forgive and forget.

Prov. You should not only forgive people for hurting you, you should also forget that they ever hurt you. When my sister lost my favorite book, I was angry at her for weeks, but my mother finally convinced me to forgive and forget. Jane: Are you going to invite Sam to your party? Sue: No way. Last year he laughed at my new skirt. Jane: Come on, Sue, forgive and forget.
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Remember to write,

 and Don't forget to write. 
1. Lit. a final parting comment made to remind someone going on a journey to write to those remaining at home. Alice: Bye. Mary: Good-bye, Alice. Remember to write. Alice: I will. Bye. Sally: Remember to write! Fred: I will!
2. Fig. a parting comment made to someone in place of a regular good-bye. (Jocular.) John: See you tomorrow. Bye. Jane: See you. Remember to write. John: Okay. See you after lunch. Jane: Yeah. Bye. Remember to write.
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forget about something

do not expect something The hotel has room service, but forget about anyone wheeling an elegant meal into your room.
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forget (about) it

1. do not even ask about it People point at our car when we drive down the road, and when we stop somewhere, forget about it. I enjoyed dinner, but as for the party, well, forget it!
Usage notes: used to say that something was so extreme it would be impossible to describe it, and sometimes humorously spelled fuggedaboutit to show how it is said
2. do not think or worry about it Want to have it all? Forget it! It can't be done. One editor's attitude was, if you understood all of it, fine, and if not, forget about it.
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forgive and forget

to accept and not think about what someone has done to you If they can admit they were wrong, then they can surely forgive and forget.
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forget it

Overlook it, it's not important; you're quite mistaken. This colloquial imperative is used in a variety of ways. For example, in Thanks so much for helping-Forget it, it was nothing, it is a substitute for "don't mention it" or you're welcome; in Stop counting the change-forget it! it means "stop doing something unimportant" in You think assembling this swingset was easy-forget it! it means "it was not at all easy"; and in Forget it-you'll never understand this theorem it means that the possibility of your understanding it is hopeless. [c. 1900]
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forget oneself

Lose one's reserve, temper, or self-restraint; do or say something out of keeping with one's position or character. For example, A teacher should never forget herself and shout at the class. Shakespeare used it in Richard II (3:2): "I had forgot myself: am I not king?" [Late 1500s]
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forgive and forget

Both pardon and hold no resentment concerning a past event. For example, After Meg and Mary decided to forgive and forget their differences, they became good friends . This phrase dates from the 1300s and was a proverb by the mid-1500s. For a synonym, see let bygones be bygones.
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Forget it!

1. exclam. Never mind, it wasn’t important! I had an objection, but just forget it!
2. exclam. Never mind, it was no trouble at all! No trouble at all. Forget it!
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Forget you!

exclam. Drop dead!; Beat it! (Possibly euphemistic for Fuck you!) Forget you! Get a life!
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forget (oneself)

To lose one's reserve, temper, or self-restraint.
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All of Mark's comments are his own personal views on the reviewed product and he received no compensation from the manufacturer of "Wet and Forget Outdoors".
Cashmans go 8-1 about Forget The Past for the Ryanair Chase.
Busy people can be so distracted gum time to time that they may have the carrots on the stove and only remember to serve them at the end of the meal People with Alzheimer's disease could prepare a meal and not only forget to serve it, but also forget they made it.
CHLOE: I just don't want people to ever, ever forget how many innocent people it affected.
If the intention of Remembering to Forget were simply to deplore the fact that people today no longer react to the Holocaust with the same unfiltered immediacy and urgency as in the 1940s, the book would be the product of a sentimentalist or moralist.
Never forget the guts of the firefighters and police who died trying to save others.
In that moment I, too, was ready to forgive and forget what may have happened between us.
MORE people forget to their passports on holidays than their mobile phones, new research reveals.
CMS Peripherals has unveilled Fire & Forget, a Type II PC-Card hard drive (HDD), designed to give PDA users an additional 2GB of storage capacity.
Although cognitive psychologists have long been interested in how people remember information deemed relevant, the ability to adequately forget irrelevant information is also important for optimal memory function.
In our case," he writes, "we did not merely forget a part of our heritage; we forgot its heart, the mystical fire at the centre of the Church.
Hopefully the man who forgot to axe this show after the first series won't forget his upcoming meeting with Berry about a third one.
How we forget the bus stations of Alabama, Birmingham to Montgomery, how the Freedom Riders were abandoned to the beckoning mob, how afterwards their faces were tender and lopsided as spoiled fruit, fingers searching the mouth for lost teeth, and how the riders, descendants of Africa and Europe both, kept riding even as the mob with pleading hands wept fiercely for the ancient laws of segregation.
One of the American veterans visiting the gravesites of his fallen comrades pointed at the white crosses and white Stars of David and remarked, "The world must never forget why they have died here.
SAN DIEGO -- The San Diego Foundation, a 35-year-old regional leader in philanthropy, has involved the Forget Me Not Foundation in its annual gala honoring major financial supporters.