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forge away at (something)

To work on or toward goal or task with great determination, diligence, and vigor. I've been forging away at my little business here for two years, and now I've really established myself within the community. The team has been forging away at their shot for a championship all year.
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forge ahead

To proceed with something. The start of my presentation did not go as I had hoped, but I had to just forge ahead and keep talking.
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forge on

To proceed with something. The start of my presentation did not go as I had hoped, but I had to just forge on and keep talking.
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forge ahead

or forge on
To continue moving forward or making progress: The reporters forged ahead with the investigation. The weary troops forged on despite the snow.
See also: ahead, forge
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So it was ironic that forgers counterfeited currency there, including Polish zloty, which were used to aid resistance fighters.
Forger said the ENTRAIN data set is full of unanswered questions as well as trends they would like to see validated in the lab.
And yet literary forgers from past eras have always fascinated me, such as master deceivers William Ireland, Thomas Chatterton and Thomas J.
Smart forgers are likely to employ not only the style of the artist and treatments to simulate age, but also the kinds of pigments employed in the past.
The forgers who are featured in the London exhibition often provided certificates of authenticity signed by experts to help sell their works, some of which are on display alongside the items themselves.
The figures are lumpy and ill formed, their clothes concealing what the forger couldn't render.
Forger, the recording engineer on Michael Jackson's albums ``Thriller,'' ``Bad'' and ``Dangerous,'' is using Tessatura's song ``On Your Own'' for his new project.
Gary Forger, editorial director of Modern, was joined by: Keith Inouye, vice president of sales and marketing for consulting and outsourcing service provider Core Services; Frank Prestipino, vice president of global enterprise applications strategy at Oracle; and Mark Sweeney, president of systems integrator Favored Tack, LLC.
As the documentary form enjoys a renaissance, the time is ripe for a new version of Orson Welles' underrated masterpiece F for Fake, a tricky pseudo-documentary about a forger that revealed the hidden forgery in all filmmaking.
Its diabolic story is of two characters known only as Librarian and Forger.
We see him from the back, enveloped in cigarette smoke, while in a warm and confidential tone he tells about his life as a forger.
It's been my experience, on both sides of the law, that there is no profile of who's a con artist or a forger," says Abagnale.
letter, PE Publisher Jeff Forger tells us that we are two weeks away from taking PE DataZone from inception and beta site, to website operational.
It seems highly likely that most forgers want to fail--that is, to be unmasked--because paradoxically only by failing does a forger gain renown.
And don't forger to enroll the kids in the Kidpreneurs Konference.