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forewarned is forearmed

One can be appropriately prepared if one knows something in advance. Hey, just so you know, the boss is in a really foul mood today. Forewarned is forearmed, right?
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forewarn someone about something

 and forewarn someone of something
to warn someone about someone or something. They forewarned us of your strange behavior. Didn't we forewarn you about Max's problem?
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Forewarned is forearmed.

Prov. If you know about something beforehand, you can prepare for it. Before you meet Lily, I should tell you that she's a little eccentric. Forewarned is forearmed, right? Check the temperature before you go outside. Forewarned is forearmed.
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forewarned is forearmed

Knowledge in advance enables one to be prepared, as in Let me know when he's in town so I can take the phone off the hook-forewarned is forearmed. This expression originated as a Latin proverb, Praemonitus, praemunitus, which was translated into English by the early 1500s. It soon was put to broader use than its original military applications.
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forewarned is forearmed

People say forewarned is forearmed to mean that if you know about something which is going to happen in the future, you can be ready to deal with it. Find out what side-effects you will have to expect from the treatment, because forewarned is forearmed. Forewarned is forearmed. Even the most enthusiastic guidebooks admit that the food on the train is awful.
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foreˌwarned is foreˈarmed

(saying) if you know about problems, dangers, etc. before they happen, you can be better prepared for them: Jim says that Betty is very angry with me still. Well, forewarned is forearmed, and I’ll have to think up an excuse before I see her.
Fore- in these words means ‘before something happens’ or ‘in advance’.
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Forewarn would also require employers to give affected workers 90 days of notice before a layoff, as opposed to 60 under current law.
Delco and its parent company - Hughes Aircraft Company - joined forces in a venture called HE Microwave to develop the Forewarn system.
The Delphi next generation Forewarn back-up aid will be available at select national retailers this year at a retail price of $349.
MagneRide and Forewarn Adaptive Cruise Control are key technologies we are proud to showcase in conjunction with Cadillac.
The Forewarn Back-Up Aid System can help provide back-up detection for drivers of pre-owned vehicles, as well as, new vehicles not equipped with a BUA as original equipment.
Delphi's Forewarn BUA provides even greater peace of mind because it helps improve the driver's ability to avoid accidents while backing up.
Such tools are desperately needed to forewarn of weaknesses in accounting practices and business operations.
With the addition of Forewarn ACC as an optional extra on the supercharged XKR models, Jaguar customers in several markets around the world can opt for this convenient feature.
Delphi's Forewarn Radar Back-Up Aid uses two radar sensors to provide a rear detection range of six meters -- which is three to four times greater than the range of traditional ultrasonic parking aids.
To guarantee this constant visibility into its stores' shelves, KB Toys chose eHealth to watch network traffic, monitor systems and applications, identify usage trends, plan capacity needs, and forewarn them of potential IT problems and downtime.
The ultimate Forewarn goal is to provide an "electronic cocoon" around the vehicle perimeter when all of the Forewarn technologies become available.
The DWP has been silent, except to forewarn the city's residents and businesses to conserve as much as they can.
We like to help forewarn them about the dangers before a catastrophe occurs," he said.
One key element in the early introduction of the FOREWARN family of products is HE Microwave, our design and production facilities in Tucson, Ariz.