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ForeSee pioneered customer experience intelligence in 2001 and has become a recognized provider of Voice of Customer (VOC) solutions.
Senior VP, R&D executive office at Ferring, Alan Harris, said: "The technical barriers Foresee has overcome in developing stable, formulated peptides in solution for controlled release therapy for three- and six-month durations of action after a single injection are quite significant, and this gives us much confidence in the potential of the SIF platform applied to complex peptide drug substances.
Based on applied research projects with the Fraunhofer Society, EDF France and with the research program of the European Commission, foresee acquired profound knowledge on collaborative work and future work environments capable of supporting meetings and worldwide connected teamwork.
The Reichert Foresee PHP allows for frequent monitoring of AMD patients while reducing technician time by up to 80%.
com does a great job of making sure they are a destination site for news and classifieds by providing great online customer satisfaction," said ForeSee President and CEO Larry Freed said in a statement.
I foresee a CPA "brand" that differentiates our members from the competition in information services and consistently attracts business.
Few respondents believe that relative energy prices will drop--rather, some foresee another fuel shortage or a temporary shortage of power generating capacity.
It looks like more than half of all shoppers will soon be using their mobile phones for retail purposes," said Kevin Ertell, vice president of Retail Strategy at ForeSee Results and author of today's report.
The benchmark gives our clients a way to see whether their visitors are more or less influenced by social media than the average, which can provide a fresh perspective on directing social media investments," said Larry Freed, president and CEO of ForeSee Results.
The benchmark for hospitals and health systems is also at a relatively high level of 77, compared to many non-healthcare benchmarks ForeSee Results monitors.
In contrast, ForeSee Results clients score a 76, two points and 3% higher than the average for news websites.
According to the ForeSee Results/Nextgov Government Transparency Study released last week, increased transparency leads to citizen satisfaction and trust in government.
ForeSee Results has helped us improve our online conversion rates by accessing attitudinal data to understand who is coming to our site and why.
Ertell's expertise with e-retail and role with ForeSee Results will bring a broad perspective to support the Shop.
The second quarter E-Government Transparency Index report from ForeSee Results shows that online transparency is a key driver of online satisfaction and overall trust in government for many of the websites tracking it.