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at the forefront

In a position of highest importance or priority. The new company I work for is at the forefront of medical innovation. I think some of their new instruments are going to revolutionize the field of medicine. My kids' safety is always a concern at the forefront of my mind.
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at the forefront (of something)

 and in the forefront (of something)
Fig. at the place of greatest activity; vital or important to some activity. I interviewed Max Brown, the director who is in the forefront of the movie industry. The university I go to is at the forefront of computer technology.
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in the forefront

(of something) Go to at the forefront (of something).
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at/in/to the ˈforefront (of something)

in or into an important or a leading position in a particular group or activity: The new product took the company to the forefront of the computer software market.The court case was constantly in the forefront of my mind (= I thought about it all the time).
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And, the name Forefront will hold our feet to the fire to ensure our work is leading this movement.
With its head office in Leigh-on-Sea and established in 1995, an expert engineering business focused in the gas infrastructure market, Forefront, has operations in the South East of England.
said Georges Mehchi, CFO & Managing Partner, Forefront Technologies.
ForeFront makes it easy and inexpensive to drive value out of ERP systems.
Forefront provides comprehensive services to fund sponsors in forming, structuring, raising funds for and managing private equity funds, venture capital funds, hedge funds, funds-of-funds and other pooled investment vehicles.
Microsoft announced at the RSA Conference on Tuesday that it has begun shipping Forefront Identity Manager 2010, server software for provisioning and de-provisioning user access and privileges for network and database resources.
lt;p>Muglia says Microsoft is in the final test phase with ForeFront Identity Manager 2.
Software company Microsoft Corp (Nasdaq: MSFT) launched on Thursday (28 September) the public beta of Forefront Security for SharePoint.
Gregg, Chairman and CEO of Paramco Financial Group, "Keeping the Company on the forefront of technology by leveraging proprietary VoIP systems for all of its current subsidiaries, and companies that we may acquire in the future, is key to increasing sales on an ongoing basis.
She believes the project will not only equip her with valuable people management skills and help her become fitter but also place women at the forefront of the sporting world.
has added new coverages and increased the flexibility of Forefront Portfolio, a comprehensive set of protection insurance solutions designed to address exposures faced by private companies.
Forefront Security policy pays for outside security services and 15 days' worth of security-consulting services if a stalker, who has a temporary restraining order issued against him or her, enters the workplace to harm an employee, according to the company.
In at least two situations - the radio frequency spectrum squeeze and in hiring - Edwards is in the forefront of Defense Department initiatives aimed at easing those problems, the general said.
Ancor Communications Inc has won an OEM deal for its fiber channel switches from Canada's Forefront Graphics Inc, a digital video products integration firm.
Jews keep the message of the Holocaust in the forefront so they don't forget and their children don't forget," says Galloway.