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Johnston, whose credits include penning the unforgettable body-slamming "themes" of the WWE superstars, WWE Originals is the latest in a series of highly-successful WWE albums and the first WWE/Columbia Records album since the RIAA gold-certified Forceable Entry, which debuted at #3 on the Billboard the week of its release in 2002.
The same year he was fined for forceable entry and conspiracy to cause damage.
VARIOUS WWF: Forceable Entry (Columbia)THE remarkable comeback of America's World Wrestling Federation is due, in part, to the marriage of heavy metal music and the larger-than-life grunt'n'groaners loved by the kids.
He is trying to create a new apartheid in Europe based on cleansing, forceable removal and execution of people in his region of the wrong ethnic identity.
The unhappy results of totally inappropriate housing (dereliction, desertion and so on) have caused some even usually liberal Australians to call for the more or less forceable assimilation of Aboriginals into Western culture, just as many native Americans were forced to join general society until quite recently.
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