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forbidden fruit is the sweetest

People are drawn to things that they are forbidden from doing or having. A: "I know you're intrigued by Derek, but he's married!" B: "But forbidden fruit is the sweetest!" Since forbidden fruit is the sweetest, I couldn't stop myself from taking a piece of the cake my mom had specifically made for work.
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forbidden fruit

Fig. someone or something that one finds attractive or desirable partly because having the person or thing is immoral or illegal. (Biblical; from the apple in the Garden of Eden that was forbidden to Adam by God.) Jim flirts with his sister-in-law only because she's forbidden fruit. The boy watches that program only when his parents are out. It's forbidden fruit.
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forbidden fruit

something that you want very much but are not allowed to have, especially a sexual relationship
Usage notes: In the Bible, the forbidden fruit was an apple which God told Adam and Eve they could not eat.
He'd spent many years lusting after his brother's wife - the forbidden fruit.
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forbidden fruit

Unlawful pleasure or enjoyment; illicit love. For example, After Mary moved in with John, Tom began courting her-forbidden fruit is sweet, I guess , or Smoking behind the woodshed, that's a case of forbidden fruit. This expression alludes to Adam and Eve's violation of God's commandment not to touch fruit from the tree of knowledge, which resulted in their expulsion from the Garden of Eden (Genesis 3:6). In the form forbidden fruit is sweet it appeared in numerous early English proverb collections.
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They have built it right under my palace grounds, and it ends in front of the Forbidden Fountain.
I'll get up early to-morrow morning and be at the Forbidden Fountain when the fierce warriors break through the crust of the earth.
Of course I've seen the fountain in the palace grounds, ever since I first came to Oz; and I've read the sign which says: 'All Persons are Forbidden to Drink at this Fountain.
Whoever drinks at the Forbidden Fountain at once forgets everything he has ever known," Ozma asserted.
You may all go to bed, and I advise you to forget your worries just as completely as if you had drunk of the Water of Oblivion in the Forbidden Fountain.
On either hand towered mighty peaks thousands of feet higher than the pass through which they were entering the forbidden valley.
Only forbid a woman to do anything, and she does it directly--be cause you have forbidden her.
Massacres are to be sternly forbidden as heretofore; but any citizen or subject of either country disobeying the injunction is to detach the scalps of all persons massacred and deposit them with a local officer designated to receive and preserve them and sworn to keep and render a true account thereof.
Caedmon next tells how the fiend tempted first the man and then the woman with guileful lies to eat of the fruit which had been forbidden to them, and how Eve yielded to him.
And thus, urged by Eve, Adam too ate of the forbidden fruit, and the man and woman were driven out of the Happy Garden, and the curse fell upon them because of their disobedience.
Deliberately giving her that name to her face, Mercy turned from her and took the chair which Grace had forbidden her to occupy when the interview began.
Perhaps he was; at any rate, I had no business to feel so bitterly against him as I did; but I could not then regard the matter in such a moderate light; and, after a brief conversation upon indifferent topics, I went away, suffering all the pangs of wounded pride and injured friendship, in addition to those resulting from the fear that I was indeed forgotten, and the knowledge that she I loved was alone and afflicted, suffering from injured health and dejected spirits, and I was forbidden to console or assist her: forbidden even to assure her of my sympathy, for the transmission of any such message through Mr.
Her Extracts have been returned, and the expression of her matured views on the subject of the Moonstone has been forbidden.
This year the multi-award-winning waterpark offers a purpose-built prison, called the Forbidden Basement that is said to house creatures of the night.
ISLAMABAD -- Islamabad High Court (IHC) has issued notices to secretary commerce, secretary cabinet division, interior secretary, secretary science and information in the case of import of forbidden food items despite ban and sought reply from them within two weeks.