for sake

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for one's (own) sake

for one's good or benefit; in honor of someone. I have to earn a living for my family's sake. I did it for my mother's sake.
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for someone (or something's) sake

 and for the sake of someone or something
for the purpose or benefit of someone or something; to satisfy the demands of someone or something. I made a meatless dinner for John's sake; he's a vegetarian. The teacher repeated the assignment for the sake of the slower students.
See also: sake
References in classic literature ?
Helene," he said gravely, "it is for your own sake that I do not explain further, that I do not make things clearer to you.
As regards myself, I have no fear of your doing so; he will not make you quarrel with me; but for your own sake, I should say you would do better not to go.
Believe too, Miss Fairlie--I beg of you, for your own sake, believe as I do.
It is natural it should break out, and it does you honour; but when other folks are by, you must, for your own sake and safety, be as like your usual self as though you owed me no obligation whatever, and had never stood within these walls.
I give you your chance, not for your own sake but for the honour of the Army.
I ask you no questions; I only caution you for your own sake.
And for your own sake try to avoid witnessing, as much as you can, the brutalities of the ship.
And for your own sake too, or you are carrying your disinterestedness beyond reason.
Only," continued the Captain, "I advise you for your own sake not to miss the creature.
You don't want to quit because you're afraid of the police, but you must have the will to quit for your own sake," he said.
For your own sake Obama, you better get shot of her while you can.
For your own sake, if you meant it when you said you wished you'd been a better husband, then be a better person.
Please, for your own sake, find something else to read.
At Wal-Mart, the really considerate floor clerks are the ones who ignore you, for your own sake as well as theirs.
You must avoid seeing him, for your own sake, let alone that of his two young children.