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For whatever it's worth, Louis van Gaal recently signed Rojo to his team this summer for [pounds sterling]30 million and that is not exactly the price you pay for a player to warm the bench.
For whatever it's worth, we can accept the need for increases in the fees for road tests and motor vehicle inspections, both of which pertain to actual changes in status -- the licensing of new drivers, and ensuring that existing vehicles meet safety and emissions standards, respectively.
I told him, 'Cantora, for whatever it's worth, I fed you each night through the help of Goal for three years and I want to say I love you'.
A sports column would not be a sports column if it did not make a prediction, so for whatever it's worth, here it goes.
For whatever it's worth, the there's no SheaPorter or Hodes on the list.
On the other hand, for whatever it's worth, Wozniacki also took to the social media saying it's good to wear high heels again, which is an obvious dig to McIlroy.
I suppose now for the first time it's in our own hands which is a very positive thing, and for whatever it's worth psychologically, the unbeaten run is still intact.
In this case, take it for whatever it's worth, have a laugh, then move on.