for trouble

for (all) one's trouble

in spite of one's efforts; in return for one's efforts. (Implies that the "trouble" was not worth taking, or was harmful.) He got a punch in the jaw for all his trouble. For her trouble, she got only honorable mention.
See also: trouble
References in classic literature ?
Oh, they're a sweet lot, I must say, at least sixty of them, in five big canoes, and out for trouble.
It is certain, so many overthrown estates, so many votes for troubles.
Wisor's Trouble Administration Gateway will automatically perform most of the steps involved in processing a trouble report, and is compliant with all industry standards supporting bonding for trouble administration.
It does an even more thorough job of watching for trouble, a more comprehensive job of preventing trouble, and a more complete job of responding to those inevitable troubles that occur regardless.
Intel plans integration with the leading enterprise help desk providers through its work on industry proposed standards for trouble ticket and knowledge base technology.