for (a/some) reason(s) best known to (oneself)

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for (a/some) reason(s) best known to (oneself)

For strange or perplexing reasons that the speaker cannot understand. For reasons best known to herself, Mom refuses to wear her glasses and goes around squinting at everything instead.
See also: known

for reasons best known to himself (or herself, etc.)

used when recounting someone's behaviour to suggest that it is puzzling or perverse. chiefly humorous
See also: himself, known, reason

for a/some reason/reasons best known to himˈself, herˈself, etc.

(humorous) for a reason or reasons which other people find hard to understand: For reasons best known to himself, he wears two pairs of socks.
See also: known, reason
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For some reasons best known to them, they always chose to make effeminate creations for men - ultra fitted ones for instance - that looked really stupid on those who wore them.