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Our goal is to raise the association consumers have for peanuts and peanut butter with nutrition and health.
No one can say for sure if the avoidance recommendation for peanuts was related to the rising number of peanut allergies seen in the late 1990s and early 2000s, but one thing is certain: it did not stop the increase," Young says.
Researchers may sometimes complain they work for peanuts, but scientists at the USA's National Peanut Research Laboratory have shown that this is not always a bad thing: they have developed new high-tech grading methods that could dramatically boost the American peanut industry.
Kevin Brown and Darren Dreifort are making millions of dollars this season sitting on the disabled list, but Roger Owens, the Dodgers' most consistent and popular ``pitcher,'' continues to work for peanuts.
Carver found more than three hundred uses for peanuts.
chemical companies have been exploring their potential for peanuts, apples, pecans and peaches.
As Homer reaches Moe's place, an overwhelming urge for peanuts takes control of his temperament, but he is shocked to learn that Moe is no longer serving peanuts.