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Not choosing sacrifice for its own sake, but for OUR own sake.
I think we've got to ask Chelsea more questions next season as much for our own sake, our own pride," said Sir Alex.
Here is a call worth applying our God-given energies and skills to, and not simply for our own sake but to the glory of God and for the continuing deliverance of this whole creation from darkness into light, from death into life.
We need to control our anger for our own sake, as well as to teach our children to learn more constructive behavior.
It is the stores' jobs to tempt us into spending," said Richard Pittman, director of counseling for Consumer Credit Counseling Service of Los Angeles (CCCS-LA), "and, for our own sakes, it's our job to spend with caution and control.
The Reading centre- back, who has made the same position his own in the Northern Ireland team, said: "We must make sure of the home points for our own sakes and for the fans.