for money

for (one's) money

According to one's opinion, choice, or preference: For my money, it's not worth the trouble.
See also: money
References in classic literature ?
That it is against nature for money to beget money; and the like.
For if you reduce usury to one low rate, it will ease the common borrower, but the merchant will be to seek for money.
To get out of these difficulties, he could not apply to his mother for money.
Then he sold the fire-brew for money, and all men bought.
When all the financial world was clamoring for money and perishing through lack of it, the first of each month many thousands of dollars poured into his coffers from the water-rates, and each day ten thousand dollars, in dime and nickels, came in from his street railways and ferries.
Thus two people who cannot afford to play cards for money, sometimes sit down to a quiet game for love.
And at the same time their fondness for money makes them unwilling to pay taxes.
Treasury now requires life insurers to establish formal compliance programs to prevent their products from being used for money laundering or terrorist financing.
In the United Kingdom in the 1990s, barely 30 convictions for money laundering were recorded each year, and in Germany just a handful annually.
5] Such transfers can distort the demand for money on a macroeconomic level and produce an unhealthy volatility in international capital flows and exchange rates.
The 1940 election was characterized by multiple committees, no real limits on either contributions or expenditures for anyone who knew enough to write more than one check, and a new record for money spent on a presidential election: $21 million, or $257 million in 2000 dollars.
I think good people are simply not willing to spend their entire lives going out and begging for money in endless coffees and fundraisers with $1,000 maximums.
The monarch's preoccupation with stockpiling gold showed contempt for money rather than a love of it.
The Securities and Exchange Commission staff in late June issued a letter on the appropriateness of certain types of adjustable rate instruments for money market funds.
All size groups of banks registered strong loan growth except for money center banks, at which loan volume contracted.