for love nor money

not for love nor/or money

if you say that you cannot or will not do something for love nor money, you mean that it is impossible to do or that you will not do it whatever happens It's incredibly popular. You can't get tickets for love nor money. He's hopeless and unreliable. I wouldn't give him a job for love nor money.
See also: love, money, nor
References in classic literature ?
There don't seem ter be a minute in the day that Miss Polly ain't jest hangin' 'round waitin' ter do somethin' for that blessed lamb if 'tain't more than ter let in the cat--an' her what wouldn't let Fluff nor Buff up-stairs for love nor money a week ago; an' now she lets 'em tumble all over the bed jest 'cause it pleases Miss Pollyanna!
If they paid higher prices, they might get frills and fanciness, or be cheated; but genuine quality they could not obtain for love nor money.
Sure did I, and in good solid crowns; the divil a bit of continental could they muster among them all, for love nor money.
LIMERICK couldn't buy a win for love nor money - but now they love the sweet taste of victory.
They couldn't win there for love nor money, so I think he's done brilliantly.
Just to rub it all in, since alan Pardew has left he has looked like the special One then manages to beat sunderland - which he could not do for love nor money at Newcastle in a derby.
ALAN ARCHIBALD admits he couldn't persuade players to move to Firhill last season for love nor money.
A true stalwart, the seasoned star always seems to bounce back but not for love nor money would I want to work in Irish television.
ASTON VILLA can't keep a clean sheet for love nor money but they are scoring goals and should get at least a couple at Valley Parade tonight, writes Steve Davies.
I do Merthyr West End Bowls Club and Merthyr Golf Club and you can't get a ticket for love nor money.
Racing rarely forgets, so it is understandable many wise observers cannot be having her for love nor money in a genuinely exceptional renewal of the Oaks.
It's simple; the reason we were 117th a few months back was because we couldn't win a game for love nor money.
I'm considering asking for annual leave the next time there is a Test at Trent Bridge as I can't seem to get a wicket there for love nor money," he said.
Would this be because at the present time you could not sell a flat for love nor money in the city?
I queued for two hours and couldn't get a bottle of Night Nurse for love nor money.