for long

for (so) long

For a long time. Your opponent might be leading in the polls now, but not for long—your big speech tonight will change all that. I haven't seen you for so long—how are you?
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for (so) ˈlong

for (such) a long time: Will you be away for long?I’m sorry I haven’t written to you for so long.
See also: long
References in classic literature ?
There is much difficulty in ascertaining how much modification our domestic productions have undergone; but we may safely infer that the amount has been large, and that modifications can be inherited for long periods.
An ever-growing number of people who have gone on to retirement haven't stayed inactive for long.
There are also other ambitious projects for Long Island City on the drawing boards.
Thirty years ago the need for long term care was increasing rapidly.
If it is unsettling to nineties sensibilities to think that a vote for Long is remotely possible, was there any other choice available to a Louisiana vote not part of the conservative, affluent elite?
org[greater than] and Citizens For Long Term Care [less than]www.
It would have been a disaster for Long Island and their actions speaks to the effectiveness of a Congressional delegation that ignores partisan politics for the good of the region.
Which might explain why Citizens for Long Term Care (CLTC), an unprecedentedly broad coalition of provider, business, union and consumer organizations, continues to forge ahead with spreading the reform gospel.
The Wertlieb Educational Institute for Long Term Care Management at The George Washington University has a graduate-level certificate in long-term care administration (Table 1 ),a master's degree in health services administration and various continuing education programs.
There is growing recognition, spearheaded by such congresspeople as Nancy Johnson [R-CT] and Earl Pomeroy [D-ND], and by former Senator [David] Durenberger, who heads Citizens for Long Term Care, that our current system is badly flawed.