References in classic literature ?
At first it asks only for stories, then it asks for history for its own sake, and for poetry for its own sake; history, I mean, for the knowledge it gives us of the past; poetry for joy in the beautiful words, and not merely for the stories they tell.
Not choosing sacrifice for its own sake, but for OUR own sake.
It is not so much because I wish to read the book for its own sake, as because winter is coming on, when the evenings will be long and dreary, and one will want to read at least SOMETHING.
Wanting to do good, why not do it for its own sake, and put my tastes and likings by?
Well then; I have been thinking if I take any orphan to provide for, let it not be a pet and a plaything for me, but a creature to be helped for its own sake.
I have done a vast deal of this, but I have usually been aware that the book was subtly withholding from me the best a book can give, since I was not reading it for its own sake and because I loved it, but for selfish ends of my own, and because I wished to possess myself of it for business purposes, as it were.
There was novelty in the scheme, and as, with such a mother and such uncompanionable sisters, home could not be faultless, a little change was not unwelcome for its own sake.
Just to pass the ball without movement, to pass and pass for its own sake is nothing.
What happened was that the children were no longer drawing for the pleasure of drawing, they were drawing for a reward and this turned what was a playful activity, undertaken for its own sake, into something that became, well, work.
The unspoken argument here is that the pursuit of science for its own sake, unfettered by commercial concerns, ultimately pays off in useful if unexpected ways.
When happiness is identified with contemplative seeking, which is for the sake of the sought, then the sought is the seeking for its own sake.
It added that Islamabad should act against the extremists and terror groups such as LeT, not for India, rather than for its own sake.
We wanted to show the pure anarchy of someone who wants to do harm purely for its own sake.
Linda Sanders, Dudley Council director for adult, community and housing services, said: "Health and safety in the workplace is vitally important to us, and not just for its own sake.
Callie Cat, Ice Skater is a children's picturebook about the joy of doing something one loves for its own sake.