for anything

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for anything (in the world)

not under any conditions I know some guys who are police officers, and I wouldn't take that job for anything. Bill said he wouldn't trade the experience of living in Guatemala for anything in the world.
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Northstar will work to find Canadian markets for Anything Technologies' existing products and any product enhancements to be introduced in the near future.
Really I am looking for anything which would give accountability or guidelines.
Apart from reviving the Cold War love story ``Chess'' with Andersson and Ulvaeus and writing the second volume to his memoirs, Rice doesn't have plans for anything new.
Don't let anyone use that rose china for anything except your wedding.
Tubes lets each student create an unlimited number of tubes for anything they need.
The reason is that our politicians do not stand for anything at all.
With over 1,000,000 unique page views per month and an E-commerce infrastructure already in place, the addition of products in high demand on the Internet was the next logical step for Anything Internet.
As part of the Program, Standard & Poor's will also initiate financial coverage for Anything Internet Corporation on Standard & Poor's Internet site www.