for all is worth

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for all (one) is worth

To the utmost of one's powers or ability.
See also: all, worth
References in classic literature ?
You stroll carelessly up-town, but when you're once out of sight you leg it for all you're worth for Dan Maloney's.
But, lor' love yer `art, now that the old `ooman has stuck a chunk of her tea-cake in me, an' rinsed me out with her bloomin' old teapot, and I've lit hup, you may scratch my ears for all you're worth, and won't even get a growl out of me.
Until then, enjoy the Real You for all you're worth.
2 Find this year's most ridiculously underpriced runner whose odds owe considerably more to hyperbole than to its exploits on the track and lay it for all you're worth.