for all is worth

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for all (one) is worth

To the utmost of one's powers or ability.
See also: all, worth
References in classic literature ?
Like cats, then, till he hears, and then into him for all we're worth.
Many of us are filling our recycling boxes and bags for all we're worth, but it's still alarming how much food, packaging and other items go to waste in our wheelie bins.
The image of running a race for all we're worth may not be a familiar way of looking at things for those who are more passive in spiritual matters.
Let's throw away any vestiges of simpering shyness, get those trumpets out and blow for all we're worth.
Among the idioms that Norris turns into theological puns, there is Jesus' "taking us / for all we're worth," and there is our "fall[ing] for a man / who makes us laugh" by falling, himself, into the fish pond of humanity.
We're aspiring for all we're worth, hoping for this and that, here and hereafter, willing with all our might that life fall into line.