for all is worth

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for all (one) is worth

To the utmost of one's powers or ability.
See also: all, worth
References in classic literature ?
Play those dead gum-trees for all they're worth, and let the bullets fly like hail.
Rob Brydon will be in the host's chair once again and fibbing for all they're worth tonight, (or are they?
The soldiers, wearing bright red uniforms, will be piping and drumming for all they're worth.
Steven Masterson added: "Holly Sweeney milking her 5 minutes for all they're worth.
Now, we want the 17-year-olds so we can bleed them for all they're worth.
MAMMOTH LAKES -- At this moment, on the other side of that mountain, it is all frenzy -- skiers and snowboarders crowded onto steep slopes, speeding downhill for all they're worth, carving turns, leaping obstacles in the terrain park.
Chris Burden: Early Work" played these leitmotifs for all they're worth, and the result was a representational field as concretely public space where masochism and sadism were virtually indistinguishable.
Today computers are mining warehouses for all they're worth.
JUNKIE XL: Zerotonine (Manifesto)) - Fine dance tune which Radio One are rightly pumping for all they're worth.
Though this installation could, at times, seem precious, neither MacConnel nor Lowe treated art itself as precious, milking the sacred cows of Western culture, both historical and contemporary, for all they're worth.
So there are some fat jokes and some pigging-out gags that Brown milks for all they're worth, but it's not long before the cow runs dry.
Since the UPS-Teamsters showdown was the nation's biggest strike in more than a decade, labor leaders recognized its symbolic and substantive importance, and they understandably are seeking to milk the results for all they're worth.
If the Kings were office workers, they'd be the guys lingering around the water cooler after the work bell sounded, milking their lunch breaks for all they're worth.