for all is worth

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for all (one) is worth

To the utmost of one's powers or ability.
See also: all, worth
References in classic literature ?
Fasten yourself upon the woman for all she's worth.
Flying solo for the first time, the Bake Off judge is playing the granny card here for all she's worth.
But Lydia, who is milking her role in this latest scandal for all she's worth, is also responsible for driving a massive wedge between Elizabeth and Darcy.
Meanwhile, Donna pouts for all she's worth as she hopes to become the face of Lady Byrne's charity campaign.
One minute she was rumba-ing away for all she's worth in Strictly Come Dancing -- the next the lass from Prestatyn is practically doubled up in agony having torn cartilage next to her
Lisa Kekaula from the Bellrays, hollers for all she's worth, letting dance kings Basement Jaxx, create a modern classic with all the spiteful sentiment of the disco anthem, I Will Survive.
Regalbuto clearly realizes that he has a single person's story to tell, not a message to convey, and the uncompromising Ann Stocking plays Gretty for all she's worth.
DOGGY-paddling for all she's worth, Daisy the boxer swims underwater for a breathtaking 30 seconds at a time.