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26) For an account of the "fool for Christ's sake" tradition in Christianity, see Jaroslav Pelikan, Fools for Christ: Essays on the True, the Good, and the Beautiful (Philadelphia: Muhlenberg, 1955) and John Saward, Perfect Fools: Folly for Christ's Sake in Catholic and Orthodox Spirituality (Oxford: Oxford University, 1980).
By declaring himself and his Draver breakfast audience "fools for Christ's sake," Scalia can further advance his mar1yr complex when critics dissent from his opinion: Scorn of his views eauals bias against religion.
For Christ's sake how long does it take to say sorry and then just pay compensation and get it over with?
I can sing like Prince, for Christ's sake, I can sing like Cyndi Lauper and Gwen Stefani so you don't get more versatile than that.
The actress, who is fromWest Belfast, laughed: "No one gets offers unless you are Julia Roberts for Christ's sake.
He's only 56 for Christ's sake, and been a genuine football man at the highest level for most of those years.
If you see them on the street, for Christ's sake, buy them a satsuma - you could be saving a human life.
I damn well hope so - I only won a tournament (at the K Club) 10 days ago, for Christ's sake, beating 155 other competitors.
For Christ's sake please don't bring out a Director's Cut.
For Christ's sake, the World Cup and the Olympic Games can be organised in that time and the bould Tim can't get recommendations from a few reports put in place.
He's an Old Etonian, right-wing Tory for Christ's sake.