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fancy footwork

1. Lit. clever and intricate dance steps. The old man was known for his fancy footwork when he was on Broadway.
2. Lit. adroit movements of the feet that help someone retain balance or move through treacherous territory. It took some fancy footwork to get down the mountain carrying the injured child.
3. Fig. a clever and intricate strategy that helps someone get out of trouble. The governor did some fancy footwork to keep from getting blamed for the scandal.
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fancy footwork

and fast footwork
n. artful maneuvering; fast and clever thinking. Ken did a lot of fancy footwork to get out of that one.
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fast footwork

See also: fast, footwork
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If you're a basketball person you understand that footwork is sort of the foundation.
As a batsman playing on turning tracks, you just cannot be indecisive in your footwork.
Our first dance is the jive, it's very fast, very explosive, loads of footwork and if you were to watch the training and watch Oti do it properly, you'd see how fast and explosive her feet are.
Rashad was considered a pioneer of footwork -- an electronic-oriented music genre that originated in Chicago.
On Friday, July 5, Footwork returns with one of the UK's best female DJs Barely Legal, who recently contributed a guest session on BBC Radio 1Extra and Dartford-based duo I Killed Kenny.
Let's discuss a simple drill that can help you improve your footwork.
The brainchild of 23-year-old Matt Scott, MES Footwork allows people to create their own trainers by choosing from a wide range of patterns, and can even create one-off designs based o personal photographs.
There was a lot more going on with footwork back then.
Footwork Productions gets income from Beckham's endorsements with companies, including Adidas.
But you may have trouble finding a well-rounded flamenco education: how to strengthen one part of the body while working another, and mastering footwork.
Barnes said: "Look at the footwork and co-ordination - it can be very effective.
The illustrations are upbeat without making light of the hard times of the Great Depression, and the text of Footwork is just involved enough to be suitable for young readers who are almost ready to move on to chapter books.
Stewart Downing is well-known for his fancy footwork for England and Boro.
Linear pattern; sharp, quick turns, flashy footwork, tricks and dips.
KIllingworth-based Amberley Park Development in Sport will indulge in some fancy footwork during next month's half-term school holifdays.