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be footloose and fancy-free

To be free of responsibilities, including romantic commitments (a fact that is often highlighted when this phrase is used). I love being a single woman, so I intend to be footloose and fancy-free for a long time. Now that I have a family and a mortgage, I miss being footloose and fancy-free.
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footloose and fancy-free

Fig. without long-term responsibilities or commitments. All the rest of them have wives, but John is footloose and fancy-free. Mary never stays long in any job. She likes being footloose and fancy-free.
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footloose and fancy-free

Having no attachments, especially romantic ones, and free to do as one pleases. For example, When I was in my twenties, footloose and fancy-free, I would travel at the drop of a hat . Both of these words have long been used separately; their pairing dates only from the 1900s.
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footloose and fancy-free

If someone is footloose and fancy-free, they are not married or in a long-term relationship, or they have very few responsibilities. He was footloose and fancy-free. He could go to parties and pubs on his own, and come and go as he pleased. Note: This term refers to a sail that could move about freely because the ropes holding it at the foot or bottom were loose.
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footloose and fancy-free

without any commitments or responsibilities; free to act or travel as you please.
Footloose was used literally in the late 17th century to mean ‘free to move the feet’. The sense ‘without commitments’ originated in late 19th-century US usage. Fancy in fancy-free is used in the sense of ‘love’ or ‘the object of someone's affections’.
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ˌfootloose and fancy-ˈfree

free to go where you like or do what you want because you have no responsibilities: Here she was, at forty, footloose and fancy-free in New York.
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footloose and fancy free

Unattached, especially romantically, and able to move and act without responsibilities. The “foot” is the bottom of a sail, and a sail that is footloose is free to move whichever way the wind blows. So is a person who is “footloose and fancy free,” at liberty to follow any and all whims. (Such a state sounds enviable, but keep in mind the fable about “The Grasshopper and the Ant.”)
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