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Football's a game of two halves.

sports cliché In football (soccer), the fortunes of each team can reverse dramatically between the two 45-minute halves of play. Used especially in sports reporting and analysis. Barcelona has overcome a four-goal deficit to defeat Real Madrid. Football really is a game of two halves.
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political football

A problem or situation that causes an argument between different political parties, often in an attempt to gain an advantage. It didn't take too long before the issue of property taxes turned into a political football for the candidates.
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political football

Fig. an issue that becomes politically divisive; a problem that doesn't get solved because the politics of the issue get in the way. The question of campaign contributions has become a political football. All the politicians who accept questionable money are pointing fingers at each other.
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a political football

a problem that politicians from different parties argue about and try to use in order to get an advantage for themselves We don't want the immigration issue to become a political football.
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I declare to you, Challenger, that I never wish to hear of football or of buffaloes so long as I live.
I have never said one word to-day about football," I protested.
He was a husky once, played football, was great on hunting and being out in the mountains and such things.
But she cannot go on playing football very long, and we must not forget that she has a woman's work to do by and by," began Mrs.
Neither will Mac play football much longer, but he will be all the better fitted for business, because of the health it gives him.
Prisoner's base, rounders, high-cock-a-lorum, cricket, football - he was soon initiated into the delights of them all; and though most of the boys were older than himself, he managed to hold his own very well.
Hand-clapping and roars of laughter from the hunters greeted the exploit, while Mugridge, eluding half of his pursuers at the foremast, ran aft and through the remainder like a runner on the football field.
An' if you're the football coach that was, a couple of years ago, I've read about you in the papers.
Autographed Footballs: Your favorite professional players signed footballs.
EA Video Games: Each league winner (all team owners eligible) will receive an EA game for the Xbox -- the official video game platform for EA SPORTS Fantasy Football.
The site is broken into three sections: a private label auction site, where fans will be able to trade among themselves; an auction "mall," known as "Official TFN Auctions" where The Football Network will sell memorabilia that it has procured itself, including signed helmets, jerseys, footballs, photographs, collectable pins and much more; and TFN-authorized auctions such as charity auctions with such organizations as the NFL alumni and players associations, as well as individual charities supported by players and teams.
Free to all subscribers will be a weekly Pick'em Game, where the participants who most accurately predict the weekly winning teams will earn autographed footballs as well as the chance to win another ultimate fan trip to the all star game in Hawaii.
OK, you have your helmets, shoulder pads, and footballs.
The Amos Alonzo Stagg Award is presented to the "individual, group or institution whose services have been outstanding in the advancement of the best interests of football.
Rumor even has it that the Raiders let air out of the football when it was the Steelers' turn to kick a field goal.