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We're fortunate to have such Foolish partners as Maveron, Mayfield, AOL Time Warner, and Softbank," said David Gardner, who co-founded The Motley Fool with his brother, Tom, in 1994.
Today Thomson Financial Interactive announced an agreement to provide Motley Fool with Institutional Holding and Insider Trading reports.
Under the agreement, Informa Research Services created and continues to host a customized website for The Motley Fool with live rate and product information on mortgage loans, less-than-perfect-credit loans, home equity loans, and home equity lines of credit.
Chief Financial Officer Scott Schedler comes to The Motley Fool with 15 years of experience as a financial manager at The General Electric Company.
OpticalAccess' optical wireless solution is performing well in a variety of conditions, and has provided The Motley Fool with reliable last-mile access at a lower cost than traditional connectivity solutions.