fool around with

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fool around with somebody

to have sex with someone other than your husband, wife, or usual sexual partner mess around with somebody It's hard to believe that any man can get caught fooling around with another woman and still manage to keep his wife on his side.
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fool around with something

to amuse yourself by doing or saying something that is likely to cause trouble mess around with something You don't want kids fooling around with matches.
See also: around, fool
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35PM Insane boffins Adrien Brody and Sarah Polley put bio-ethics aside to fool around with DNA.
Diane just wants to party all the time and fool around with her masseur.
Gemma Morris scooped the cash after days flirting with the Dubliner on TV show Fool Around With My Boyfriend.
However, modern day `customers' sadly go racing to drink beer and fool around with a few tote bets-on whatever is provided.
What if Ryan's hunky straight best friend would fool around with him to cheer his buddy up?
They don't want to hear the technical talk or fool around with product manuals and wires.
Denise Van Outen (left) loves to fool around with fiance Richard Traviss
But at least the absurd situation provides the rapper-actors with opportunities to crack wise and fool around with weapons (Kurupt plays another inmate).
The introduction of Motrin Migraine Pain kicks off new Motrin franchise advertising developed by Lowe Lintas & Partners with the tagline, "For people who don't fool around with pain.
Heartbreaker Christina likes to brazenly pick up guys at dance clubs, fool around with them for a night or two and never call the devastated fellows again.
Of course, Chon Wang gets separated from his comrades, leading to multiple opportunities for trouble and to fool around with the slapstick potential of tomahawks, horseshoes, moose antlers and the like.
But if you're going to do the retro scene with attitude, don't fool around with hybrids.
But when it came to a pivotal at-bat with two runners on and one out in the eighth, Montreal manager Felipe Alou didn't fool around with right-hander Anthony Telford.
Cumming says that, contrary to rumor, he and Cruise don't lock lips in Stanley Kubrick's hotly awaited film in which Cruise and wife Nicole Kidman play married shrinks who fool around with each other's patients.