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He also oversaw the returns of Alice's Adventures in Wonderland, Chroma, Fool's Paradise, and Path of Miracles to houses worldwide.
The minister said the people talking about the possibility of Pakistani nuclear assets falling in the hands of the Taliban or al-Qaida were ''living in a fool's paradise.
One bad man might have lived to fight another day, but elsewhere methinks Molly's living in a fool's paradise if she thinks she's kidding anyone about her extramarital jumpstarts with mechanic Kev.
Is their religion a fool's paradise or do Spiritualists have access to a world that most of us prefer not to contemplate: the world of the afterlife?
But any independent who thinks they can compete with the likes of Tesco is living in a fool's paradise.
We finished the first serving and were contentedly living in a brief fool's paradise when our plates were re-piled with food.
If we think southern decision-makers will happily give us our share of forest- and mining-related research facilities, we are living in a fool's paradise.
It's a fool's paradise for consumers and a nightmare for vendors.
Those metrics run the risk of trapping leaders in a fool's paradise.
Denied touch, taste, smell, They say that you condemned Ophelia to a fool's paradise And tricked Juliet, selling illusions of pardons whose potency Remains buried in the vengefulness of pride and ghetto feuds.
Do high grades encourage them to do better than they otherwise would do, or do such students do worse because they live in a fool's paradise, ignorant of their true capacities?
The meeting will be held at Fool's Paradise Teahouse, 460 Willamette St.
A Fool's Paradise By Nancy Flowers Wilson Flowers in Bloom Publishing, Marcli 2001, $14.
Also watch out for the Fool's Paradise human circus, Lives and Times history fair and fire brigade demonstrations.
A fool's paradise of sorts, which attains hallucinatory clarity in his elaboration of a falling and fallen world enchanted by the capers of the commodity fetish.