follow about

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follow someone or something about

 and follow someone or something around
to go the same route as someone or something all the time; to trail someone or something. Why are you always following me about? Stop following me around.
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The vehicle is arrive at United States dealerships this autumn, with the coupe to follow around 2016, and the Type R in 2017.
ALJCI has become a role model in community initiatives for other companies to follow around the world.
A PS10 note featuring Jane Austen to follow around a year later will also be made from polymer rather than the cotton paper currently used, the Bank said.
The Through the Rabbit Hole play space includes kids' activities and imaginative play, with a trail of White Rabbit pawprints to follow around the gallery.
Have camera crews follow around the geniuses that gave us $14.
Because of the living situation, I don't think Kris has even really begun to realize how many camera's and bright lights follow around Kim 24/7 and the impact it might have on their developing relationship," said Evan Sneider, Spokesperson for dating site CanDoBetter.
We use this with many of our bigger brand clients and the demand is growing from the smaller companies as they can see the benefits for their business by really understanding how their customers interact with their website, and the journey they follow around the site.
Jim Crowley and William Knight have been a team to follow around Kempton over the past four seasons.
The idea is to create trails for visitors to follow around the national park, on various themes such as films, literature or heritage.
A camera crew will follow around party workers for the show which will attempt to make politics sexier.
That way, you can follow around the cleavage this gives you, shading from the plunge of the cleavage up and around the curve of your bust.
To that end, Claude Cousins has been hired away from Bank of America to open a mortgage origination office in west Little Rock, with more to follow around the state.
Part of his job was to follow around 14-year-old Don Drysdale Jr.
The 12-inch, 300m wafers will follow around a year later.
Look for them near water, especially where there are grazing cows, which they follow around to catch insects stirred up by their hooves.