fold away

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fold something away

to fold something up and put it away. Please fold the maps away. Please fold away the maps neatly.
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99 you could bag a neat fold away side table (finished in a soft sheen glaze) that can be popped up or down whenever you need it most.
They applied for a grant to buy a special amphibious wheelchair that is designed to cope with the sand and can fold away easily.
Here is a lot of car for the money and packed with fancy gadgets like auto wipers and electric mirrors that fold away on lock.
As for functionality, Honda has not come up with anything as groundbreaking as the fold away third row seat it introduced in 1995, but it has tweaked that staple feature by adding a 60/40 split function, integrated headrests and a new one-motion folding mechanism that requires only 22 lb.
Balustrades comprise glass to see through and metal to lean on, and butterfly screens discretely fold away to become part of the window mullions.
When in water the sports car's wheels fold away and a jet propulsion unit pushes the car through the waves.
Collapsible control handles fold away with an enclosed cockpit, protecting handles from dirt contamination and possible damage.
Dero Enterprises introduced the Universal Fold Away Safety Handle.
Instead, they might find deep, symmetrical labyrinths that fold away into the depths of the cell.
The 6 foot coiled cord and wall outlet prongs fold away for easy storage and travel.
99 This wicker and glass set doesn't fold away, so invest in a water-proof furniture cover (www.
The rear seats fold away with the yank of a single lever.
The sliding rear seat splits 60-40 to fold away, and the car's bright, functional cabin has lots of storage spaces for a family to get full use out of it.
Uniquely, the car has blow-up pockets on the seats, to either improve comfort or to fold away for more load space.