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foist (something) (up)on (one)

To force or impose something unwanted or worthless on one. Why are you trying to foist all of these old hats on me? You're cleaning out your attic, aren't you? With Hollywood always foisting garbage upon us, it's a breath of fresh air when a quality film appears in theaters.
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foist someone or something off (on someone or something)

to cast someone or something unwanted off on someone or a group. Please don't try to foist cheap merchandise off on me. Don't foist off your brother on me! You can't foist that stuff off! It's worthless! People won't buy it!
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foist off on

To force something, especially something unwanted, worthless, or false, on someone: She foisted off the furniture on the new owners. The peddler foisted his wares off on the unsuspecting crowd.
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Over the course of two centuries even Shakespeare's personality, about which "very little in fact is known" (121), was manufactured in positive terms through negative anecdotes and attributes foisted upon Jonson.
Further, that subsidy is foisted upon owners as a class instead of society as a whole through taxation.
Carducci's beef is that rock critics have foisted their postcounterculture, left/liberal agenda onto their subject matter.
It was Nixon's posthumous rehabilitation - his final metamorphosis into still another "new Nixon," the last of the dozen or so transmogrifications he had foisted off on the gullible news media and a susceptible public over the years.
From the monthly meeting of the Little Sisters Aid Society for Underprivileged Leprechauns, to the MCXXVII Annual Symposium on Technopeasants, to state dinners, speakers -- already coerced into talking to audiences who'd rather be somewhere else -- tremble in high anxiety waiting to see what new mementos will be foisted upon them.
The consolidation of insurers with overwhelming market share has enabled their exploitive business practices which have been foisted upon consumers and providers.
Has she also become afflicted with Alzheimer's disease so serious that she has no remembrance of the unspeakable wickedness the conjugal dictators foisted on the country?
SO despite voting against an elected mayor, it looks like we are having one foisted upon us.
She added: "We are bitterly disappointed at the same 'take it or leave it' manner and approach that was foisted on our parents when we were 12-year-old children, and has been foisted twice now in this last year by Minister Harney.
I maintain, that religions - all of them - like second-hand smoke, should not be foisted on the rest of us less-superstitious human beings.
So Cllr Dixon can start with asking her own leadership just who was in the smoke-filled room when this decision was foisted on the people of Coventry?
Is it really any wonder that much of the native population is left feeling that its opinion does not matter one iota, if such developments are to be foisted on it by the authority.
This has been foisted on us and we are expected to lump it and put up with all the upheaval of a building site on our doorstep.
If we don't face our demons now, we're likely to have to deal with them at a more inconvenient time with a plan that has been foisted upon us.
Tinsley has a right to say and believe anything he wishes, but to have his, in my opinion, anti-American opinions foisted on unsuspecting readers of the comics is unconscionable.