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not have the foggiest idea

To have no knowledge or understanding about something. He does not have the foggiest idea how hard it is to run a business. I do not have the foggiest idea where I left my car keys.
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not have the foggiest (notion)

To have no knowledge or understanding about something. He doesn't have the foggiest notion how hard it is to run a business. A: "Do you know where the car keys are?" B: "I haven't the foggiest. Sorry."
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foggiest (idea)

Fig. (even) a hazy idea. (Usually in the negative.) I'm sorry I don't know. I haven't the foggiest. I don't have the foggiest idea of how to do this.
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not have the foggiest idea


not have the foggiest

COMMON If you do not have the foggiest idea or do not have the foggiest, you do not know anything at all about something. I did not have the foggiest idea what he meant. `How often does it need to be changed?' — `Haven't the foggiest.'
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not have the foggiest (idea or notion)

have no idea at all. informal, chiefly British
See also: foggy, have, not

not have the ˈfaintest/ˈfoggiest (idea)

(British English, informal) have no idea at all about something; not know anything at all: I haven’t got the faintest idea what to buy Roger for his birthday.‘Where are we?’ ‘I’m afraid I haven’t the foggiest.’
See also: faint, foggy, have, not

the foggiest (idea)

n. (even) a hazy idea. (Usually in the negative.) I’m sorry I don’t know. I haven’t the foggiest.
See also: foggy, idea

the foggiest

See also: foggy
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In 1995, the situation became even foggier when it was revealed that much of the grey whale meat caught by Chukotkan natives was actually fed to foxes on fur farms--a far cry from the IWC definition of "subsistence" use.
But the respondents' crystal balls grew foggier when they turned their attention to affairs of the heart.
As admirable as this is, of course, when dramatized it can become slightly insipid--as it does in one of Girardi's foggier stories, "The Dinner Party.
The 1936 election would have occurred under foggier conditions.
When the atmospheric balance was restored, and while my colleagues' minds were foggier than usual, I asked what I thought was a reasonable question.
17) If the situation of the mining sector has been somewhat controversial, that of agriculture is necessarily even foggier, but on the whole it seems likely that although agricultural production grew perceptibly during the eighteenth century in many parts of New Spain, there was little in the way of productivity gain or technological improvement.
One could add that the voice grew foggier as events deteriorated.
Unfortunately, our perception of the Soviet threat has become clouded, and with the winds of change blowing at gale force in Eastern Europe, we may have even foggier vision in the future.
As a result of this activity, the national interests underlying our trade policy with Japan--never terribly clear to begin with--have grown even foggier.
Finally, this Part will address a foggier argument for the exclusion of character evidence: the gauzy principle that the scales should be tilted as much as possible in favor of a defendant; that as a society we have decided that it is preferable to have guilty acquittals as opposed to innocent convictions.
The greater the search for clarity, the foggier and more complex it becomes.
Patzert has said previously that Southern California is in the sixth year of a long-term weather pattern in which large-scale shifts in ocean temperatures and other factors will result in cooler, foggier conditions for the next two decades.
There were some areas of the North Coast - primarily foggier parts of Mendocino County and Sonoma County that were hard hit, with Chardonnay crop losses of 50 to 60%, being reported.
He said the region is entering a 20-year phase of cooler, foggier and dryer weather after decades of warmer, less foggy conditions.
McSorley, who also coaches Swiss side Geneva, said: 'I predicted three years ago the ISL will die on the vine due to a lack of support and my crystal ball has not got any foggier.