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fresh off the boat

Newly immigrated, especially without having yet assimilated the host country's language, culture, and/or behavior. My grandfather was still fresh off the boat when he opened up his business here in 1820, and he didn't speak a lick of English.
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fob someone or something off (on or onto someone)

to get rid of someone or something by transferring someone or something to someone. Don't try to fob your girlfriend off on me! He also fobbed off a bad car on Jane. Some car dealers are always trying to fob something off.
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fob off

1. Sell or dispose of goods by fraud or deception, as in They tried to fob off the zircon as a diamond. [c. 1600]
2. Put off or appease by deceitful means, as in We needed her help but were fobbed off by promises. [c. 1600]
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fob off

1. To dispose of something by fraud or deception; palm off: The jeweler fobbed off the zircon as a diamond. The crook fobbed the broken computer off as functional.
2. To put someone off or appease someone by deceit or evasion: He wanted to go on a date, but she fobbed him off with excuses. The landlord fobbed off the tenants' complaints for another month.
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mod. fresh off the boat; as gullible and trusting as a new immigrant. (Initialism. A play on the initials of Free on Board.) Where did you get those FOB shoes? Blue suede is back?
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Nathan Rau, an attorney in Minnesota, had his switchblade-style key fob confiscated by airport security when screeners could not confirm it was not a weapon even after sending it on three trips through the X-ray machine.
The lack of personal details, such as name and card number, on the Citibank Debit MasterCard PayPass key fob provides further identity protection.
With the disarray in the European market, these producers will ship anywhere they believe they can get some FOB valuation.
The system provides all this functionality in a compact, highly secure, smart card key fob which is rapidly being accepted as the way for customers to pay - and be rewarded," said Rob Randelman, director of marketing at VeriFone's Petroleum Solutions group.
The additional resources included the assignment of a field-grade officer with program management and contracting experience as the overall transition lead; three company-grade officers with quality assurance and program management experience serving as FOB transition leads; and a company-grade officer as transition operations officer to coordinate transition events and activities, assemble and analyze reports and data, and orchestrate meetings and coordination with the PC and IPC.
LOS ANGELES -- The smallest-ever card-based contactless payment fob, called VersaFOB, was certified by MasterCard Worldwide as an approved PayPass product, Oberthur Card Systems announced today.
We planned in advance to place enough diesel-powered heaters in every tent and room of all of our FOBs, but we did not count on the fact that only 50 percent of them would work.
If cards or fobs are lost, they can be deleted from the system, saving the expense of re-keying.
Someone also made the assumption that the FOB needed portable latrines; after all, other FOBs had them.
However, civilian contractors slowly are assuming the entire water operation at LSA Anaconda and even at a few of the FOBs.
Some 30 million Americans could potentially be waving good-bye to the swipe system this year and adopting a key fob or contactless credit card, up from about 9 million last year, according to David Robertson, publisher of The Nilson Report, a Carpinteria-based newsletter that tracks the credit card industry.
com/research/5e2477/enhanced_key_fobs) has announced the addition of the "Enhanced Key Fobs The Driver Interface Outside the Vehicle" report to their offering.
INSIDE's low power MicroPass L4-2G intelligent payment platform is at the center of this new MicroPass Fob Core solution and is designed to enable the commercial production of contactless fobs, such as the Visa Micro Tag.